50 Best Websites of 2022

We’ve seen some incredible websites in 2022. There were more than the usual number of sites with a political mission, and plenty that made us want to travel. The big design trends were brutality, massive typography, and positively bold color. We’re looking forward to what’s on the web in 2023, but in the meantime, take a look back at the top 50 websites of 2022. Enjoy!

Justice Reskill

Justice Reskill used bright colors and positive, uplifting artwork to create a supportive platform for people who have been through the justice system.


Bold type and plenty of scrolling animations promoted this site for Pienso in January.

Gazelle No.1

The promotional site for Gazelle No.1 used an innovative scrolling video to sell the electric bike.


The Mekanism site was the first agency redesign to hit us in 2022. Super polished then, super polished now.


Redbrick was way ahead of the brutality trend to turn when he released this site to promote his coffee.

SOS foods

Ethical and sustainable goods topped the sales charts in 2022, and SOS Foods did a great job of capitalizing on the trend.

Hartzler Dairy

Hartzler Dairy embraced its branding from the mid-20th century with a nostalgic setting.

Engineered Floors

Even in 2022, designers are still paying for mobile short swings, but this site for Engineered Floors is excellent on mobile.

Emi Ozaki

We loved Emi Ozaki’s phone style interface abomination for her portfolio back in February.

I killed a cactus

I Killed A Cactus is a beautiful 3D site designed to help people care for houseplants.

Hotel Aris

We were tempted towards Crete by this amazing luxury location of Hotel Aris on the island.

Milton Textiles

Milton Textiles is a big bold site for a product that is usually an afterthought in the world of interior design.


MAAP site is probably excellent, modern and efficient. It perfectly encapsulated the values ​​of the clothing brand.

Garden Eight

The promotional site for Garden Eight, a digital design studio in Tokyo and Copenhagen, was appropriately eccentric.

Shanghai Circus

The Shanghai Circus used a mid-century illustration style to reference the solar system and the Chinese flag.


Normand took the bold decision to depart from the usual law firm design strategy.


Designing a site for UI audio kits is challenging, but SND pulled it off perfectly with this minimal site.


We saw a lot of brutality in 2022, and Polybion’s site was an excellent example of how to work the trend.

or Meta

Bold block coloring added depth and interest to this portfolio site for design studio neueMeta.

Dumpling delivery

Okay, we admit we spent way too much time playing this dumpling delivery game from Mailchimp in May.

Bakery Anywhere

Nowhere Bakery has succeeded in making vegan, paleo, gluten-free cookies appealing.

of the Trinity

We were mesmerized by the perpetual promotional video for the all-Baltic law firm Triniti.

Kim Kniepp

Kim Kniepp’s site impressed us with its interconnected navigation and super-coded masonry grid.

Feed The 300

Feed The 300 is one of the many great sites to combat the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this case, it was aimed at feeding zoo animals.

Icons By Menu

Icons By Menu is a great minimalist site that is a pleasure to browse.

Pink Art Museum

The Pink Art Museum is an immersive experience that celebrates the color pink. It was easy to lose hours wandering around.

Chalet BelArosa

2022 was the year of the illustrations, and the BelArosa Chalet site made significant use of them to sell a center still under construction.


Sexual abuse and online harassment is especially horrific when it is directed at young people. WTFF approached the issue sensitively.

Pretty damn quick

The logistics aren’t the most appealing, but this friendly, decorated site for Pretty Damn Quick immediately drew us in.

Norwegian Soda Co.

This site uses the Norwegian Soda Co. beautiful photography to create an attractive one-page site.

Fornasetti Profumi

Fornasetti Profumi surprised us with his long videos that are used to emphasize calm and tranquility.

Laesk Kombucha

We were convinced that Wes Anderson produced this site for Laesk Kombucha.

Cased In Time

Single-product sites are often under siege, but this excellent e-commerce site is bucking that trend.

DS & Durga

Eschewing the indulgent approach of flowers and pretty models, this fragrance site for DS & Durga completely embraces the brutal trend.

Daniel Spatzek

We loved how Daniel Spatzek’s portfolio site broke all the rules and still managed to be informative and engaging.


Aro kept minimalism alive with a simple site that reflects luxury while selling a simple concept.

Think Packaging

Think Packaging took a case study approach to presenting its products, and it worked very well.

Steffie de Leeuw

Massive typography intertwined with botanical illustrations created a memorable site for Steffie de Leeuw.

Anna Jonah

The pre-launch teaser site for Ana Jóna cafe and cinema was elegant and modern and we were looking forward to a long weekend in Reykjavík.

Das Salz

More wanderlust courtesy of the fresh, inviting location of Das Salz hotel and café.

Jono Pandolfi

This simple to use site for US tableware and cookware brand Jono Pandolfi sold us on handmade ceramics.


We still can’t find out that it took Jennifer Aniston until 2022 to produce a hair care range.

Nathan Riley

Another big trend in 2022 is masonry style sites, and this portfolio by Nathan Riley was one of our picks.

Capsule in Pro

With excellent implementation of animations and careful use of colors, this site for Capsul’in Pro has transformed coffee pods into luxury items.


Seen is an essential site that explores themes of prejudice and racism in creative fields. It is a strong approach to a difficult subject.

Glasgow & Walker

Glasfurd and Walker’s impressive portfolio site sets itself apart by overextending the scene. It is a very original idea.

The Other Side of the Truth

The Other Side of the Truth is the site of the 2022 position. He expertly used the web to present two interpretations of the facts surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Back in October, we fell in love with the pixel block animation loading for furniture brand Bannock.

Karina Sirqueira

Karina Sirqueira’s portfolio was a joy to browse through. The morphing shapes added simplicity to a series of beautifully presented case studies.

Joshua’s world

We were surprised at Joshua’s World, a small island that can be titled and rotated to empower the little rider throughout his career.

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