5 Questions with Kevin Indig

“Five questions with…” features SEO professionals and marketers of all experience levels.

To kick things off, we chatted with Kevin Indig, who shared his start in the industry, tips for aspiring SEOs, plus a DALL-E sketch that would have put Leonardo da Vinci to shame. (Or maybe not!)

Photo by Kevin Indig

1. How did you get into SEO?

I was an avid gamer and learned about SEO by building websites for a Counter-Strike clan!

I discovered the idea of ​​search engines in my teens, but only properly learned SEO from scratch after joining a German-based SEO agency in 2011.

2. How do you think SEO will change in five years?

I’m pretty optimistic that AI will change the game in a significant way: I predict that we will move away from the classic search results to something less cluttered, with fewer but better results.

You know how it is with SEO projections, though. I could easily be wrong and the opposite could be the case.

3. What is one SEO mistake people still make?

Most SEOs start out too technical. This is not a problem if you have your own business or site. But when you’re working with clients or internally, you need to link your recommendations to business issues and avoid technical talk, except when talking to certain teams, like engineers.

SEO is no longer the dark and confusing art it once was, yet far too many SEOs still do it. This prevents them from getting more because they don’t get buy-in and funding for their recommendations.

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into SEO?

Learn by doing. SEO is an applied science, which means the theory isn’t worth much.

Start your own side project and test hypotheses that are informed by what you read or hear from others. Always try things out for yourself. Did I mention tests?

5. Your best sketch with one of the following (or any combination of them): robot, SEO, cat, sunflower, ghost

Here is my best DALL-E sketch of a ghost. 😉

DALL-E sketch of a ghost

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Kevin is a former director of SEO at Shopify and currently advises the SEO and growth teams at Snap Inc. and Ramp, among others. Find out more about him on his website.

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