40 Best New Fonts of 2022

Choosing the right typefaces for your website can elevate a design from dour to cheerful. The right font gives personality to your brand’s voice and can ensure that your content is read.

And so, every month, we put together a collection of the best new fonts for web designers. In this round of the year, we take a look back at the past twelve months and showcase our forty favorite fonts from 2022. Enjoy!


Tellumo is an elegant geometric sans-serif that exudes positivity. It comes with a standard set of caps and another set of swash caps.

DT Random Display

DT Random Display is an original approach to typeface design. It’s perfect for posters or a branding project with an ambitious client.


Rebranding is a sans-serif full of character. There are display and text versions, each with seven weights.


Aiglon is a semi-geometric monolinear sans-serif. It is simple and direct, without being dull or forgetful.

Shorai Sans

Shorai Sans is a combination of geometric sans-serif and calligraphic brushstrokes. In addition to Latin glyphs, there is a whole set of Japanese characters.


Monden is a high-contrast serif with a clever little kick to the lower case h, m, and what adds richness to body text.


Canora is a typeface with two styles: Frente follows right, and Verso follows left.


Epicene is a beautiful baroque font with some interesting details. There are two families, a display version and a text version.


Sangbleu is a super family of fonts with five complementary styles: Empire, Kingdom, Republic, Versailles, and Sunrise.


Forme is a typically grotesque British typeface with the benefit of an equally functional Arabic sibling.


Aprello is a strong sans-serif that is great for branding projects. There are six weights, each with an italic and variable font.


Selva is an elegant serif typeface in the Scotch tradition. It has a large number of weights and a very attractive italic.

GT planning

GT Planar is a unique typeface with both italic and retalic styles that go up to 45 degrees in each direction.


Veqay is an elegant stencil font with organic shapes, making it suitable for certain branding and editorial design.


Apta is a clean sans-serif with excellent proportions. Unusually it comes in three versions, geometric style, humanistic style, and combination style.


Antodits is an energetic script face with a graffiti feel. This is a great display font for headlines.


Delvard is a family of three typefaces, Display, Caption, and Text. It is a beautiful serif with script-like strokes.


Rosales integrates a humanist style with geometric forms and calligraphic variations to create a unique typeface.


Fisterra is an informal serif with two different styles: Morte, with emphasized curves, and Fora, which emphasizes sharp lines.


A precisely drawn font connects to beautiful details courtesy of calligraphy influence.

Round Ping

Ping Round is a simple sans-serif drawn with as few strokes as possible, resulting in some characteristic letterforms.


Mule is a bold serif with friendly, attractive lettering. It has a great rhythm, which makes it suitable for an extended text.


Arnika is a contemporary font with a large x-height. The flares on its strokes make it halfway between serif and sans-serif.


Kingsad is a sans-serif designed for branding. The generous curves and wide letterforms make it best suited for short text.


Apice is an elegant script font perfect for posters, branding and editorial design. A variable font to set to control stroke contrast.

The Future

The Future is a reworking of the ideas behind Futura. It is a wonderful blend of Western and Japanese typographic traditions.


Mallory is an Art Nouveau-inspired display face. It has elegant sweeping curves and strong contrast.


Fabbrica is a functional sans-serif that performs very well at small sizes and especially well on screen.

Gills & Co

Gills & Co is another of this year’s Art Nouveau inspired typefaces. It is suitable for editorial design.


Satiata is an energetic font that practically dances across the screen. Best used for branding or display type.


Fold is a no-nonsense sans-serif whose plan is spoken and reliable. It has four weights with corresponding italics.

Bells Morten

Bells Morten is a display font inspired by vintage signage. It is bold and all caps, with sharp flared serifs.


Mori is a versatile sans-serif inspired by contemporary Japanese design. It is suitable for branding and editorial design.


Nitido is a humanistic sans-serif designed as a companion to the popular Nitida font family. It lends itself beautifully to branding work.


Lithops is a great display face for posters, T-shirts, and editorial design, with a pattern made up of letters reminiscent of seaweed.


Rapidissima is a companion typeface to Rapida. While Rapida is a carefully usable serif, Rapidissima is an exploration of speed.


Firelli is a warm, contemporary slab serif with a range of weights. It is a great choice for display and body type.

OBO Star

OBO Star is a semi-monospaced font, meaning that most characters use the same space.


Nagel is a uniwidth sans-serif with low stroke contrast and some bold details. It is very suitable for short texts and branding.

Slab Practico interface

Practico Slab UI is a workhorse slab serif that blends European and American mid-century styles. It is available as a variable font.

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