3 quick ways to grow your web design business

Web designers are always looking for ways to boost their business. And whether you have the goal of acquiring new customers or expanding the presence of existing ones, the main goal is to grow your profits. It is part of the natural evolution for both freelancers and agencies.

And, while we often strive for growth, it can be an intimidating concept. You may, for example, see it as something that requires a significant investment of time and / or money.

However, growth comes in many forms. You don’t necessarily have to struggle for years in hopes of coming up with that one great idea. There are a few easy ways to expand your business that don’t require you to move mountains.

To be sure, these aren’t get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, they are opportunities that may already be in front of you. Today we will show you how to exploit them.

Prepare customers for technological changes

The web doesn’t stay the same for very long. Both the technology we use to build websites and user expectations change rapidly. Maybe it’s a little scary, but it’s also a great opportunity.

We tend to implement these changes in new projects. This makes perfect sense, as you want to start with the latest and greatest. But we mustn’t forget existing customers.

Whether it’s a change to Google’s search algorithm or a revamped editing experience for WordPress, existing websites need to continue to evolve. This will ensure that these sites can take full advantage of the new technology. More importantly, it also means they won’t lag too far behind the curve.

This can provide a steady stream of revenue. However, not all designers take advantage of it. Instead they train their attention on new customers, thus leaving a potentially significant amount of money on the table.

The biggest obstacle here is communication. But by proactively informing customers of these changes, you open the door to expanding your bottom line.

Offer complementary services

Like peanut butter and jelly, some services just go together. And adding the right ones to your web design business can make for a tasty combination. Or, at least, better cash flow.

And there are several complementary services that web designers can choose from. This could be recurring maintenance, web hosting, SEO, or even consulting.

You can configure things in the best way for both you and your customers. For example, you could do the dirty work yourself or outsource it to a third-party vendor (more on that in a moment). Signing up for various affiliate programs is a popular solution.

This is not to say that every service, no matter how natural an extension is, is the the right for your business. While you can make some money, there is also an added responsibility. It is something to consider before making any decisions.

However, the design and development go beyond their respective names. There is a whole world of possibilities for growth.

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Collaborate with other freelancers

Because web design is such a huge industry, many of us have chosen to focus on a particular niche. This allows for a more detail-oriented service. However, it can also mean that we are lacking in other areas that are important to our customers.

One way to address this challenge is to partner with other freelancers or agencies. Hire them to do the work you don’t usually do, and vice versa. Activities like email marketing, social media management, and custom tagging are just some of the potential areas for collaboration.

If you are contracting outside help, you can add project management fees in addition to what you are charged. The result is that you will make sure that the job is done correctly and at the same time earn some extra money.

The other side of the coin is the ability to collect new projects that match your skills. In the right situation, it’s a great way to expand your portfolio without having to search for new customers.

Again, there are some extra responsibilities involved. And it requires a solid working relationship with someone you trust. Therefore, it might be wise to test the waters on a project or two before making any commitments.

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True growth you can implement today

The above opportunities are ideal for any web designer who wants to grow without radically redoing their business. They don’t require taking out a loan or spending tons of time developing a new product. They are ready-to-use ideas that can be implemented immediately.

And it is not necessary to dive with both feet. Starting small can add something over time. It is possible to create a stable and modest increase in your income. As you become more comfortable, you can aim to take things to the next level.

The key is to determine which areas will be mutually beneficial to you and your customers. The answer will be different for everyone, depending on the current situation. For some, the potential cash increase may not be worth the cost in terms of maintenance or other issues.

However, grabbing the right opportunity may be just what your business needs to start growth.

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