25 High Quality T-Shirts PSD Mockup Templates for Photoshop

Is there anything more iconic than a T-shirt? Worn by anyone from James Dean and a rebel and heartbreaker for people who influence streetwear like Olivia Palermo, T – shirts are one of the most influential clothing today. .

So, next time you are preparing a design for a clothing line, apparel, merchandising, branding, or anything that requires your customers to understand your style, make sure you use a t-shirt mockup. Photocopically depicting what your designs will look like when printed on your clothes, Photoshop PSD T-shirt imitation templates allow you to realize your vision with just a few clicks.

Today, we bring you 20+ T – shirt mockups that work great for all types of projects, from branding and merchandising to assessing the suitability of your design for the next line of clothing.

These T-shirt mockups are perfect for an interior presentation if your clients or senior management need a little more determination to see how great your designs fit their aesthetic. You can also use them to promote your products in your online store. You do not even have to announce a new item; you can simply “test the waters” with photo-realistic mockups. Some are even based on people who fit your target audience!

And, of course, fake T-shirt templates work like a charm for social media promotion!

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Give your customers a realistic shopping experience, even if you are using this fake T-shirt template for your online store. This versatile T-shirt imaginative set comes with 4 PSD variants, featuring T-shirts with customizable labels and tags on wood-neutral surfaces. These mockups work perfectly for light and dark designs!

Perfect for social media and online promotion, this Photoshop T-shirt template offers five mockup shaped T-shirt for women. When women are wearing your T-shirts in urban environments, these mockups are perfect for engaging younger audiences. You will get gorgeous, photo-realistic results that work well with any color!

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Realistic and versatile, these T-shirt model templates for Photoshop are perfect for showcasing your designs during an in-house presentation. Emphasizing the texture folder, these mockups make your designs turn 100% more realistic in a matter of seconds. You get three presentation options (including T-shirt back design), as well!

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Show off your next collection with these professionally photographed T-shirt mockups straight out of American Apparel catalogs! With a male and female model, this mockup allows you to add two different designs, as well as customize the colors of the shirt. These T-shirt mockups work great for promotions and ads on social media.

Photoshop Round Neck Tees PSD Mockup Template

Show your clients how well their design fits their branding with these T-shirt packaging models. With ten mockups, this set is easy to customize, and is a perfect promotional and presentation material. With four types of packaging, two labels, business cards, and a bag, it’s everything you need!

Osh Saorა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Photoshop T-Shirt Packaging Mockup Template PSD

Show off a variety of designs and styles with these fancy T-shirt templates consisting of three (and three shirts). With one prominent shirt in the middle, these T-shirt models create perfect promo content on social media and online store fronts. They are very easy to customize in Photoshop, as well!

Daoineა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Féachა Twitter Three People in Photoshop T-Shirts PSD Mockup Template

Give the kids something cool with this easily customizable boys T-shirt joke template! Featuring a pair of jeans and sneakers, as well as a folded T-shirt, this faux fur is perfect for children’s clothing brands who want to show their parents how cool their kiddos can look.

Customizable Boys Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup Template PSD

Save money on photo shoots and get professional photos for your campaigns anyway! These fancy T-shirt templates for Photoshop are female models proudly wearing your T-shirts in urban and casual environments. You get ten mockups that can be easily customized, as well as the option to change the reflectors and shadows.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Create your own T-shirt mockup scene with this gorgeous template pack! Containing a smooth set of various PSD templates and a photo-realistic T-shirt template (including folded shirts, crop tops, and more), ample customization options for designs, shades, and colors, as well as mobile objects, these fake T-shirt templates The package is complete!

Oshა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Féachა Twitter Customizable Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup Template PSD

A fashionable way to show how your design fits the texture, this beaded T-shirt template is perfect for presentation and promotion. This T-shirt model for Photoshop offers a variety of layout options to suit your style and branding, so you can truly surprise your clients and customers with just a few clicks.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

This custom crew neck T-shirt model template is perfect for showcasing your design on a realistic T-shirt. It’s incredibly easy to customize, and you can change the shirt and background colors. If you are looking for a mockup for a great last minute presentation, just get it!

Customizable Crewneck Photoshop Tee Mockup Template PSD

Present your designs in the right light with these fancy T-shirt templates for Photoshop. These T-shirt mockups are extremely versatile and easily adaptable (T-shirt color, background, texture) for in-house presentations, online stores and social media promotions. You will find 3 PSD mockup files with black and white options.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Bring out the adventure in your customers with these amazing, tropical faux T-shirt templates for Photoshop! With male models, and ten different T-shirt models with changeable shirt colors, this beaded set is the complete package! You can use it for presentations, but it promises when used for promotions and ads.

Men in Tropical T-shirt Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

Showcase your work with these three rolled T-shirt packaging packaging templates. Perfect for making sure every detail of your product is perfect, these T-shirt mockups contain cotton shirts, natural wrapping paper and labels. You can completely customize the packaging design, as well as the labels that fit your brand.

PSD Photoshop Deferred T-Shirts Mockup Template

Add a mysterious aura to your typical T-shirt marketing campaigns with this fake T-shirt template depicting a young man standing in a dark pile. With neutral colors of gray and dark, this T-shirt template is perfect for light, dark and colorful designs, and you can customize the color of the shirt.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Showcase your work with these six amazing T-shirt models! Featuring happily wearing female models in the T-shirts you have designed, these models are ideally suited for presentations, marketing campaigns, as well as online store demos. And thanks to Photoshop’s smart stuff, they’s incredibly easy to customize!

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

If you want to bring out the best of your designs with a little help from top quality fabrics, you can’t go wrong with these fancy T-shirt templates. You will find eight universal T-shirt templates that leverage 3D wrapping to give you photo-realistic results for your next presentation.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Perfect for branding, these Photoshop T-shirt model templates will help you take your online store to the next level. Heathing, hanging, and folding T-shirts will give you plenty of options to brighten up your designs. You can easily edit each element to get amazing, realistic end results.

Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup Template PSD

Dynamic and realistic, these fake T-shirt templates make your vision a reality through 3D mapping. You will get four design options that will showcase your shirts and designs from all sides (back included) and look. These mockups are perfect for interior presentation – you are sure to get a steady ovation!

Tა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter 3D Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template PSD

Show kids fun and dynamic designs with these fancy Photoshop T-shirt templates for boys. You will find five models with a photo-realistic T-shirt modeled by a boy and grass around it. This beaded T-shirt set for kids is perfect for promotion, as well as a presentation that will surprise your audience.

Photoshop T-shirt Boy PSD Mockup Template

Show off the women’s and men’s clothing lines with these fake T – shirt templates for Photoshop. With 6 models of PSD T-shirt for women and 6 models of T-shirt for men, this set is the complete package! You will get two different textures (gray fabric) to work with and you will get great results.

PSD Photoshop T-shirt Mockup Template

Minimalist and diverse, this T-shirt product model set is perfect for branding. You will find standard models of T-shirt (4 watt shaped, one flat lay, one folded), as well as one model that will display the T-shirt in a box. You can also customize shirt labels and packaging to fit your brand!

Oshა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. .ა Twitter Photoshop T-Shirt Product Mockup Template PSD

Little girls want to have fun, and thanks to these fake T-shirt templates, your designs can help them look great while doing it! You will find four gorgeous scenes with professional photos, as well as the ability to change T-shirt colors and customize them as you like in Photoshop.

Oshა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი Twitterა. Twitterა Twitter Photoshop Girls T-shirt PSD Mockup Template

Promote your streetwear brand with these super cool PSD T-shirt mockups! You will find eight molded T-shirt models (under jackets), perfect for younger male customers, with plenty of attractive and dynamic situations that make this a fancy T-shirt template a great choice for your next marketing campaign.

Photoshop T-shirt Model PSD Mockup Template

Do not compromise on style! Start Photoshop, replace your artwork with the fancy house holders, and make sure everyone knows who your fashion guide is!

These T-shirt models are incredibly versatile, so bookmark this article – no matter what projects you have in the future, you are sure to find the right mockup here.

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