25 Coolest Free Prime Templates for Creatives

Hot on the heels of our previous free Keynote template article, we’re back with another easy-to-edit collection that will allow you to make your next presentation more memorable and design it with greater beauty than ever.

Keynote, the free presentation software for Mac and iOS, is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for new users to learn and create. But it is also powerful and feature-rich, which means it is popular with users who need to create a very professional present.

Both first-time and long-time users can benefit from using Keynote templates. New users can learn from them as they offer different types of sliders that come packaged with tons of pre-designed components, effects and features. And professional users benefit from it because they quickly speed up the presentation creation process.

So, if you’re ready to take your next presentation up a notch, check out our collection below and download as many as you need.

If you want to learn the basics of creating a presentation, you should check out our collection of Keynote tutorials.

Neon is a free Keynote template that comes in an ultra-modern design. It is packaged with twelve uniquely designed slides, multiple drag and drop property holders, and a beautiful color scheme.

Andi is a clean Keynote template that comes packaged with 39 slides and is perfect for various types of business, such as creative agencies and project presentations.

Andi free business template presentation,

Created by Rits Studio, Softly is a classically designed free Keynote with 60 impressive individual slides that are fully editable.

Free modern soft presentation template,

Xiumin Urban is a bright, bold, and ultra-modern free template for Keynote, and would be perfect for an edgier design presentation. This template is also available for Powerpoint.

Free Xiumin presentation template,

Packed with more than 90 slides and three color options, Muli is a beautifully designed Keynote template that could be used on a variety of projects or purposes.

Free Muli Minimalist presentation template,

Each is a free Keynote template that would be perfect as a base for any creative or business presentation. It is built using the golden grid system.

All free presentation templates,

Designed in a bold and fun style, Brand Circle is the kind of free Keynote template you’d use when you need to make a memorable statement. It is also available for Powerpoint.

Free circle brand presentation template,

Drawing inspiration from the metaverse, Virtual is a beautifully designed Keynote template that comes packaged with ninety easy-to-edit slides.

Free Metaverse virtual presentation template,

Born Ink is a free Keynote template that comes with ten slides and a muted color scheme. It would be perfect for any type of business or presentation.

Free Bor-Ink presentation template,

The free Montana Keynote template was designed with simplicity in mind, giving you the foundation to edit the fonts, color scheme, and content to create a truly unique presentation in no time.

Free Montana presentation templates,

Perfect for a minimalist, the multipurpose Envirion comes packaged with 38 beautifully designed slides, and can be used to create presentations for many different types of business.

Free minimalist environment presentation template,

This free version of the Geometry Keynote template comes with 25 slides, which is enough to create most types of creative presentations. It has a professional and modern design.

Free geometry presentation template,

The free Aqilla Keynote template is the perfect choice if you need to create a presentation for any creative venture. Stylish, professional, and super easy to edit.

Free aqilla presentation template,

With 28 slides, 400+ icons, and all the components needed to create a detailed presentation, this Keynote template is perfect for creative and business purposes.

Free creative business presentation templates,

With bold typography and minimally designed components, Pattern is a free Keynote template that will let you create easy-to-digest presentations in no time.

presentation template free templates,

Free Shaper presentation template,

Although it was originally designed to create educational presentations, this main template could actually be used for multiple purposes. It is easy to edit, packed with 30 slides, and sports a unique color scheme.

Free modern business presentation template,

The use of beautiful typography and a great color scheme is what makes this free Keynote template stand out from the rest. You can also download the Powerpoint version if needed.

Free Paris presentation template,

Created by David Felipe, this free Keynote template offers a minimal and spacious layout with bold typography to give you a simple base to quickly create your next presentation.

Free creative presentation template,

If you need to create a professional proposal or share detailed information with your clients, the Yellue free Keynote template is exactly what you need.

Free Yellue brand presentation template,

Ultra-modern, bold, and memorable, Altezza is a beautifully designed free Keynote template that would be perfect for any kind of creative presentation.

Altezza template for free presentation,

Self One is a free Keynote template (email required to download) that packs every possible slide so you can quickly create a detailed and beautiful presentation for your new mobile app,

Free selfie presentation template,

Packed with all the easy-to-edit slides you’ll ever need to create a detailed business presentation, the free Keynote Easy template is perfect if you need to create a quick slide.

Free simple presentation template,

The original intention of this free Keynote template was to give you a platform to share business results. But, because of how beautifully it is designed, you could easily use it for any creative purpose.

Free annual report presentation template,

Free retro presentation template,

How to Import and Install a Main Template

Follow these steps to import and install your new Keynote templates, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Download and unzip the Keynote template you want to use
  • Launch Keynote and locate the downloaded Keynote file
  • Click Open
  • Customize the template to your liking

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