20 Realistic Macbook Modeling Templates for Photoshop

Apple’s MacBook has become synonymous with quality, and thanks to these MacBook model templates for Photoshop, your work can be done!

Demonstrating the quality of your design to your clients during a presentation can be challenging, especially when engaging in software or web development. Yes, you have listed all the features and benefits of them, take the appropriate screenshots, but a picture is still worth a thousand words.

If your clients see a screenshot of the features you have designed, they will still have questions about user experience. But if you add those screenshots to replica MacBook templates, they will know everything about the quality of your work.

We simply process visual stimuli in a different way. Especially when those scenes are paired with realistic representations of end results. And today, we’re here to help you make your next presentation great. You can use these MacBook mockups for various purposes.

This MacBook template set consists of four different models, all beautifully staged in a relaxed, casual business environment. They are perfect for website and software design, and deliver truly photographic results. You can even customize them and create your own close-up shots!

Simple and perfect for displaying design responsiveness, this template set for your laptop and smartphone will amaze your audience! It’s super easy to customize; all you have to do is replace smart object holders in Photoshop, and add your designs. It’s perfect for both B2C and B2B audiences!

Gl Saorა Twitterო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter Laptop and Smartphone Photoshop Model PSD Template

Create a unique atmosphere for your unique designs! This gorgeous MacBook Pro replica is placed on a rustic desk, with plants on the side, making it perfect for designs in neutral and vibrant colors. You can easily add your own designs with just a few clicks, and attract your clients!

MacBook Pro on Rustic Desktop Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Sleek and elegant, this MacBook Air template fits models of similar designs perfectly. Experiment with colors, placements and enjoy your audience. This MacBook model is perfect for important presentation of apps and software, as it brings back the spotlight for the quality of your design. You can easily add your own backgrounds.

MacBook Air Mockup Template PSD

Option with something better: choose this MacBook Pro clay template. Perfect for displaying two designs at once, this MacBook Pro model helps you present your app, software or web design work in style. It’s incredibly easy to edit with Photoshop’s smart stuff, and great photo – realistic results are guaranteed.

MacBook Clay Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

Minimalist and simple, the fake laptop and smartphone set can show you not only the quality of your work, but also the responsiveness of your design. You can easily add your files with this clean beaded set set on a white and blue background, which inspires trust in your clients.

Laptop and Smartphone on White Desktop with Blue Background PSD Photoshop Mockup Template

Bookmark this set as you will be using it for years to come! This versatile Apple device model set includes MacBook desktops, MacBook laptops, iPhone and iPad devices. It is perfect for showing the full range of responsiveness of your design. You can also display multiple designs!

Various Apple Devices Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Sleek, with a feminine touch, this MacBook macbook series is perfect for neutral and colorful UX, software, or app designs. You will receive four high quality PSD files containing the new Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar. You can play with different PSDs to create gorgeous photo-realistic results.

Ookა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. MacBა Twitter MacBook Photoshop & Touchbar Model PSD Template

Versatile and perfect for UX and web designers, these MacBook macbook templates offer a wide range of presentations. All MacBook mockups are arranged on tables, and you get four different scenes. From casual to professional environments, there is plenty to play with and get beautiful results.

PSD Mockup Template for MacBook Photoshop

Create compelling presentations with this fabulous MacBook and iPhone set, showing a man using the laptop with a cup of coffee in his hand. A perfect blend of casual and professional, this top-of-the-line Apple device can be easily customized with just a few clicks in Photoshop, delivering beautiful results!

Top View Laptop and Smartphone Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Give your elegant designs a presentation that is as refined as this MacBook Pro template. With a woman drinking tea in a cafe using her laptop with your design on it, this mockup is perfect for stylish web design and UX (user experience) presentation. Customize it in a few clicks!

MacBook Pro & Coffee Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

Elegant and feminine, these MacBook model templates offer a variety of views to present your designs. With three different PSD files containing workspaces and business needs (read: coffee), you can easily create your own beautiful presentation by customizing or close-up shots showing your web, software or UI designs.

PSD Mockup Template for MacBook Photoshop

Present your UX designs and colorful or minimalist software with these MacBook model templates. Fitted with a variety of palettes, these mockups provide soft rose-colored environments for your designs. Choose from 4 MacBook models, customize them as you like in Photoshop, and make sure your clients love every slide show!

PSD Mockup Template for MacBook Photoshop

Demonstrate how well your clients’ designs fit your branding with these macbook MacBook templates and business cards for Photoshop. With three fancy elements: MacBook, iPhone, and business cards, you will have everything you need to create brand identity integration, and enjoy your B2B and B2C clients.

PSD Digital Devices and Business Card Photoshop Mockup Template

Give your designs an extra dose of realism with these MacBook Pro models! Where a man is working on his laptop in a professional environment (with coffee and cookies next to it), this MacBook model is perfect for presenting an excellent interface or web design. The best part? Customize it in 2 clicks!

Man Working on a MacBook Pro PSD Mockup Template for Photoshop

Fly your designs flying far and wide with this MacBook flight model! Including the latest edition of the MacBook Pro 2020, this MacBook macbook template is here to help your site design just as innovative and exciting. You can easily customize the PSD file, add your own background, and attract your audience!

PSD Mockup Template for MacBook Photoshop

Influence this MacBook Air premium template for Photoshop! With 5 PSD mockup files and incredible photo quality, these mockups help you display your UI, app, software and web designs in the best possible light. You can easily change the background to suit your clients’ branding!

MacBook Air Mockup Template PSD

If your designs are slim on the streets, and powerful under the hood, use this MacBook Pro model to create it! With a MacBook Pro on the coffee shop table, this mock-up template for Photoshop is customizable and guarantees unique, photo-realistic results for your next UI, software or web design presentation.

MacBook Pro on Coffee Shop Table Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Vibrant and realistic, these MacBook and Apple device model templates offer a wide range of presentation styles. Perfect for displaying software, apps or UX designs, this set comes with six different PSD files. From iPhones and iPads to MacBooks, you can help your clients visualize the responsiveness of your designs.

PSD Mockup Template for MacBook Photoshop

Leverage your creativity with these MacBook Pro isometric templates. You get three scenes (one Macbook, two MacBooks, and a single MacBook – innovative – stand out from the crowd). These MacBook Pro templates are perfect for display software design, and you can change the colors to suit your branding.

Ookა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter MacBook PRO Creative Isometric Photoshop Mockup Template PSD

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