20 Free Mockup Models for Displaying Books

So you were tasked with designing a book cover and layout. But what happens when it comes time to present the design to a client? Using a book template is a great way to help them see what the book looks like when it’s printed.

In this collection, we have collected the best free realistic book templates that allow you to display book covers, bookbinding and inside pages.

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Create Your Own Models

The MockUp Hardcover Book template is a PSD model with well-organized layers that will make it easy to edit the design and tailor it to your needs. Dimensions are 4500x3200px.

If you need to show what the inside pages of a book will look like, this template is a great choice. It comes as part of your Envato Elements subscription and is 3000 × 2250px.

Photorealistic Photoshop Mockup Book Templates PSD

This free book cover model has a bright yellow book cover and is accompanied by elegant typography. It can be edited in Photoshop thanks to well-organized layers.

Photoshop Free Book Cover PSD

This elegant book cover model displays a book on a coffee table so that your client can easily see the look of the finished product. The template is part of your Envato Elements subscription and was made at high resolution.

Photoshop PSD High Resolution Book Cover Models

This template makes it easy to display the layout of a book as well as display all the books you have written. The template measures 2800 x 2100px and includes smart objects for easy editing.

Photoshop Mockup Open Realistic Book PSD Free

Make your book cover designs stand out more with this customizable book mock file available as part of your Envato Elements subscription. The template can be fully edited in Photoshop and comes with five different files.

Customizable Photoshop PSD Book Templates

This imitation set includes several hardcover book models. You can easily show how the cover will look as well as the inside pages of the book.

Free Hard Cover Book Mockup Set Photoshop PSD

Thanks to this model, you will be able to present the design of your books from a number of different angles. The template is available as part of your Envato Elements subscription.

Hard Cover Book Mockup Photoshop PSD

The mockup of this book was made in high resolution and is 3000x2000px. The file is fully editable in Photoshop and includes smart stuff and a detailed help file.

Free high resolution psd photoshop book,

The fake file contains 3 Photoshop files so you can display the book cover, the binding and the inside pages of the book. You can get this file when you subscribe to Envato Elements.

Photoshop Minimal Book Mockup Templates PSD

Use this isometric hardback book model to show how the book pages are laid out. The template includes smart objects for easy editing and you have complete control over the shadow and light sources.

Free Square Cover PSD Photoshop Mockup Book PSD

This template from Envato Elements was made in high resolution and is 3200 × 2400px. It comes with smart layers and well-organized layers that are easy to edit.

PSD Photoshop Realistic Mockup Book Cover

This hardcover book mockup is a great choice if you want to show off the dust jacket design. The template is easy to edit and includes a single book and book stock PSD mockup.

Hardcover Book PSD Photoshop PSD Mockup

Consider this free book template if you want a complete package to show the cover design and page layout. The mockup contains 4 Photoshop files measuring 4000x2700px.

Templates for free photoshop psd book,

If you are designing a catalog and want to display the design, this template will come in handy. It comes with smart layers, so you can easily change colors and add your own files.

Free PSD Hardcover Photoshop Photoshop Mockup Catalog PSD

This realistic book cover template has a simple book design that can be fully customized. All you have to do is place your design inside the smart set, customize the colors, and send it out for approval.

Free Photoshop Realistic PSD Book Cover Template

Make mockups for books more realistic with this handmade book template. The template can be easily edited thanks to clever layers, and you can even change the background color to your liking.

Free Hardcover Book At Hand Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

If you are working on designing a children’s book, consider this book mockup. The file comes with smart layers for easy editing and is free to use in personal and commercial projects.

Book cover for free photoshop psd,

Try this fake file if you want to present your books in a unique way. The template facilitates the display of bookcase designs and is perfect for branding projects.

Beautiful booklet templates for free psosh photoshop,

Get creative with your notebook designs and display them with the help of this mock template. You get a file that is easy to edit thanks to smart layers, so you can easily change colors, fonts, shadow intensity, and much more.

Templates for free photoshop psd notebook,

Use this high-resolution fake file to display book stocks. With a minimal white and yellow design, clever layers, and modern typography, this file is a great choice for any type of book.

Free A4 PSD Photoshop Book,

This collection of templates is a great choice for creating realistic book presentations. You will find several Photoshop files with different angles. The file is free for personal and commercial use.

Templates for free photoshop psd book,

Use this hardcover open book mockup for Photoshop to show you what the book will look like when opened. You can easily edit it thanks to smart layers and change colors and other design features.

Free Hardcover Open Book PSD Photoshop Mockup PSD

Showcase your book designs or branding projects with a top view, thanks to this free template. The template is designed in high resolution, and you can easily edit colors, shadows and much more.

Free Book Cover Top View Mockup Template for Photoshop PSD

Show off your book cover design in style with this free PSD open hard cover book model. The template is easy to edit with smart layers so all you have to do is drop into your design.

Free PSD Open Book Hardcover Mockup Photoshop PSD

This hardcover book template comes with two wooden backgrounds so you can display the design of your books in a realistic setting. However, you can easily change it for a background of your choice. The template includes smart layers for easy editing.

Templates for free photoshop hard cover book,

Designing a great book cover is crucial if you want to make sure the book sells well. However, you also need to show your design vision to your client, and the best way to do that is to use a realistic book template.

Take advantage of the templates in this collection and fill up your design library with high quality book templates!

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