20 Best New Websites, September 2022

This month we’re featuring websites that are very aware of the design trends they’re following. Designers are making conscious choices about adopting styles, and withdrawing when it doesn’t fit the site. What we mean in the end is a crop of well-designed, sophisticated websites that use style as a technique to promote their aims.

Here are the sites that caught our eye this month, enjoy!


Seen uses conversations to explore themes of ethnicity and racism in creative fields. Showing these conversations as online chats creates a sense of intimacy.

Baboons to the Moon

There’s a lot of color in Baboon to the Moon’s product shots, so the rest of the site is kept simple, with good clear navigation too.


Digital agency Fleava’s glossy brochure portfolio site has a strong appeal.

Baunfire Portfolio Review, 2022

This site for digital agency Baunfire’s creative networking event is bold, personal and fun.

Laesk Kombucha

This site for Laesk Kombucha is more than Wes Anderson style; somewhere just out of sight is Bill Murray in a red beanie.

House visa

Viso Haus doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking here with their brutalist-style portfolio site, but they do it very well.

Mario Carrillo

Artist/programmer Mario Carillo has chosen a minimal approach, allowing the work to do the talking.


There is a warmth to the Symbol site, created by the color tones and combinations used here.


Contekst interior architects favor a brutal visual style for their site, but with some nice little animated things.

Arcane Fair Type

No, you didn’t miss the typeface lover’s response to Comic Con: the Arcane Type Fair is an engaging and clever showcase for Rain Foundry’s Conacher typeface.

Capsule in Pro

With beautiful scrolling animations and soothing colors, this site for Capsul’in Pro succeeds in turning coffee pods into objects of desire.

Chalet Fánach

Random illustrations and unusual display type add character to the Wanderful Chalet brochure site.

Stone Cycling

Bricks made from rubbish don’t sound like the most exciting thing ever, but this site exudes a clean and beautiful feel: like an old building glowing in the sunlight after the soot has been removed.

Forms of Lazarus

Lazarus Forms is an API for AI document processing. This site manages to be transparent in its explanation without being too technical and visually pleasing.

Nathan Riley

A stunning example of craftsmanship combined with variable scrolling speeds create tension in digital artist Nathan Riley’s portfolio.

Evi O. Studio

Sometimes the simplest things, like this full screen image transfer for Evi O. Studio’s portfolio, can be done so well it’s a real pleasure to go through.


Sundo created SMOTSpots – smart sunscreen dispensers for public areas. The tone of the site is suitably utilitarian with a soft edge.


The Blue experience is a delightfully immersive microsite from luxury yacht builders Rossinavi that showcases their new hybrid-electric yachts.

Cased in Time

This site is a great example of how to make a single product trading site that doesn’t feel lacking in content.

An educated guess

Educated Guess is a podcast for creative people by creative people. The accompanying website is pleasant to use, easy to navigate, and allows the user to focus on the content.

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