20 Best New Websites, October 2022

The design world swings back and forth, swinging between love and hate for different design trends. Sometimes we see a wide range of approaches, and sometimes designers all hop on the same idea.

This month, the web is more animated. Designers are moving in unexpected ways. And it’s fun to explore. Here are 20 of the best new sites on the web this month. Enjoy!


Bannach is a German furniture brand. His products are colorful and geometric, so it makes sense that when you scroll down to the collection, the thumbnails start as blocks of pixels and become product photography.

Fornasetti Profumi

Fornasetti Profumi takes a different approach to offering. He uses videos to emphasize calm to promote the soothing qualities of his candle products.

The Other Side of the Truth

The Other Side of the Truth is an excellent exercise in using the web for a cause. It presents facts on the war between Russia and Ukraine, but the standout feature is the toggle switch that, instead of light mode-dark mode, toggles facts and Russian state propaganda.

Glasgow & Walker

Glasfurd & Walker is a portfolio site for a design agency. So far, so standard. However, it sets itself apart because it is slightly larger than the browser and sweres left and right with your mouse movement.

5th Anniversary Syrup

Sirup is a Japanese singer and songwriter, and to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his first single, his record company has put together this super awesome microsite that uses genre, motion and art direction to capture his style.


Fitzjohn’s is a slick site for a new apartment complex in London’s Hampstead area. It uses a refreshingly modern color palette and relaxed animation to take the edge off the seriously funny price tag.

Persepolis reimagined

Persepolis Reimagined is a stunning WebGL tour through one of the most important cities of ancient Iran. Be sure to tour it on a big screen. It’s hard not to be wide-eyed with wonder.

JaM cellars

JaM Cellars is a California wine brand aimed at bachelorette parties. With names like Butter, and Sugar, it’s not the most sophisticated tipple, but yellow, we love a yellow setting.

Daniel Levitt

This portfolio site for film director and photographer Danielle Levitt features scrolling examples of her best work. Thumbnails and background color are intelligently changed when you scroll down to the contact details.


From full color energy to Apple levels of minimalism: Propel is a slick, animation-on-scroll site for a marine motor brand that sells outboard and inboard motors. The animated masks on the images are a nice subtle touch.


Standards for SaaS is a site that helps organizations create, maintain and share brand guidelines. He uses subtle animation, video for his UI, and compelling copy to sell his approach.

Chris Carruthers

Chris Carruthers’ portfolio site is intentionally full of scrolling text, cut images, and scrollbars, but it’s a delight to look at.

Designs by Theodore Ellison

We don’t often see stained glass in real life, but the play of light on stained glass is beautiful. This site for Theodore Ellison Designs uses video to give the effect of the web.


Owomaniya’s 2022 report reveals the state of gender diversity in India’s entertainment industry. The information is presented in the style of graphics, and the information is brought to life through animation.


Meetings is a French events company. Its site uses an animated collage approach to showcase its services, and animated text to draw you into its content.


Blakeney invests in African companies on behalf of institutional investors. His site is typical of the financial industry, but he uses animation to raise it to a higher level of interest.


Becklyn is a digital design agency. His portfolio site uses animated text, enlarged image masks, and videos to guide us through his approach to site and app design.


cabi is a brand of Japanese condiments with a typically Japanese feel. Bright colors, a slow-motion slideshow of dishes, and editorial content to pack in the effects of a shot are a great introduction to the brand.


Slantis provides building information modeling for architecture and infrastructure providers. His site uses animation to show the types of content he produces for clients.

Fund July

July Fund is a venture capital project. It takes a completely different approach than its competitors by adopting a chaotic but enjoyable card-based design.

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