20 Best New Websites, November 2022

Every month we put together this collection of the best new websites we’ve seen hit the web in the past four weeks.

In this month’s collection, you’ll find plenty of bold interactions, some inventive portfolio positions, floral yellows, and even some old-school mouse tracks. Enjoy!

Joshua’s world

Joshua’s World is a great animated site. Grab and drag to tilt and rotate the island and watch the little cyclist power over important links to milestones in his creative career.


Vana is a new service that aims to help you take control of your data. His site is modern and vibrant and uses some great post-production to bring his features to life.

Nitro Velocity 2

This slick site for the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 running shoe features some incredible 3D renderings. The scrollable animation guides you through each feature in a very engaging way.

Norwegian Soda Co.

The Norwegian Soda Co. uses beautifully shot photos to capture the flavor of his products. It’s a great example of how a one-page site can be rich and engaging.

Any type

Anytype is a collaborative platform that engages creative thinkers. It uses beautiful gradient animation to create a sense of power and technological evolution.


Dash claims to be almost the best tech company, and their humble location does a great job of taking the tedium out of HR. Plus, it has an old school mouse track!


Sileon is a site full of smart data. For example, the distortion effect on text links is fun, and distortion photography is a simple but effective technique.

Karina Sirqueira

Karina Sirqueira’s portfolio is a joy to browse through. The morphing shapes add interest to an attractive and beautifully presented collection of case studies.

Hotel Santa Caterina

This beautiful website for Hotel Santa Caterina on the Amalfi Coast captures the light and wonder of the region with a muted color palette and stunning photography.

La Lulu

La Lulu is a Colombian-American singer, dancer and musician. Her site uses color to disrupt a fairly standard layout and infuse it with amazonian, psychotropic, South American vibes.

International Magic

International Magic is a design agency with some impressive clients, from Maison Margiela to Nike. His scroll-browsing portfolio is an excellent example of selling design.


OAD uses color expertly to convey contrasting temperatures. At this time of year, who doesn’t want a pullover made to withstand the Norwegian weather?


También is a creative agency specializing in organizations that have a positive impact on the world. Her scrolling collage of client projects is one of the best examples of this type of portfolio.


If you were designing a website for use in a 90s movie about the internet, you would create a Dragonfly site. It’s full of glitches, code references, and awesome pixelated images.


There’s a lot of distortion entering the design vocabulary right now, and one of the best examples is Elva’s portfolio site, which uses it to liven up its black-and-white site.

Quick Sussex

Sussex Taps uses a lot of full screen video clips to sell its range of carbon neutral tape products, but it’s the horizontal scrolling product videos that make this site stand out.

Angelo Torres

Angello Torres’ portfolio is packed with bold typography that breaks all the rules but somehow manages to work to convey energy and creativity.


Repeat is an excellent service to sell customers with repeat orders. It uses simple diagrams to represent generic products with attention-grabbing yellow for interactions.

Top Five Strategies

The High Five Strategies eschews the formality of most business pitches to deliver a positive message with bold colors and typography that make you feel ready to move forward.


Delight Snowparks employs a questionable lilac color, but its stunning imagery and video framing more than make up for it. Plus, there’s another super old-school mouse track!

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