20 Best New Websites, July 2022

Welcome to our guide to the best new websites this month. If you have subtle, minimal sites, look away now or prepare to challenge your preconceptions as of this month, we are making maximum progress.

Many features fill the screen, many colors, many large fonts, many illustrations, and plenty of personalities in your face. This style is difficult to get right: if elements are not selected and placed well, the result is an annoying clutter. If done well, the result can be impactful and memorable.

[And Happy Independence Day to all of our American readers!]

screens & the incredible machine

the incredible screen & machine positioning puts the diagram in front and center, creating a look that displays various mystical ideas. It sounds weird, but it works.

Anna Jona

This pre-launched teaser site for Anna Jóna café and cinema has an elegant yet modern feel to it.

Hard pops

This site for Hardpops (alcoholic) ice pops takes a hint from the flavors of the product, and the bright colors give it a truly eye – catching result.

Daniel Spatzek

Daniel Spatzek’s portfolio site takes a rules – based approach. The result has a nice attitude and touch of humor.

Ander Agency

Plenty of colors, great type, and illustrations make a bold statement for the Ander Agency one – page site.

Pretty Damn Quick

A colorful presentation on this site for the Shopify Pretty Damn Quick app creates a sense of company friendliness and ease of use of the product itself.

Know Your Beetle

Know Your Beetle is a demo page for Kaploom creative studio. Color and type combinations have a big impact.


While many of the sites featured here are a lot of fun, WTFFF tackles horrific content: online sexual abuse and harassment. Artwork and sound create an immersive experience in which five young people share their experiences in order to help others.

Chalet BelArosa

Fullscreen illustrations with a hint of vintage style create a great insight into what future guests can expect from the BelArosa Chalet currently under construction.


The color scheme on the Paradam site is on the pastel side of the scale, but there is still plenty going on for the eye entrance.

Tilton Group

The scrolling color panels on the Tilton Group site are well worth a look.


Fresco uses a standard layout design, but the colors and quadrants immediately raise it.

Pink Art Museum

Museum of Pink Art is an immersive experience that celebrates the color pink. Definitely worth a virtual walk around.

Icons by Menu

Okay, this slightly minimal site slipped through the number, but Icons by Menu is so pleasant to look at and use that we had to include it.


With a potentially ideal portrayal of Arthur C. Clarke’s book jackets and that rich, deep red background, this site for Glare DB is far from what you would expect.

Alex Beige

While the full style and tasteful illustrations of Alex Beige’s site are pleasing, the Our Staff section is sure to raise a smile and keep the user’s in mind.


Careful spacing means that busy features (such as scrolling animated diagrams) do not become oversized on the Snickerdoodle site.

Grisly Cosmic Black

The site for Grisly’s Cosmic Black is fun, bright and joyful. In addition, it’s nice to see an alcohol site go a little further than the usual ‘drink responsibly’ and provide helpful links.

The Perennial

Not just floor plans and (many) images, but also virtual walks. The Perennial does not feel like a standard office building.

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