20 Best New Websites, February 2023

The quality of websites has risen in 2023, with designers picking up trends as tools, embracing new ideas, and plenty of innovative UI details.

Every month we put together this roundup of the best new websites we’ve seen in the last four weeks. In the February issue, you will find warm colors to brighten gray days and lots of animation. Enjoy!


CTRL SHIFT! it’s a podcast about people who changed the world by changing their attitude. His site has a series of excellent scrolling animations.

Ground Foam

Earthfoam is a new type of mattress and pillow. It uses soft colors and subtle animations to create a feeling of relaxation and well-being. This site has amazing attention to detail.

01 July

The microsite for 01 July, a new typeface from Studio K95, perfectly captures the retro art direction and some well-chosen gradients. This is how fonts should be sold.

Check Out 2022

Checkout 2022 is a look back at last year through the lens of purchases made through Klarna. The super 2023 microsite features pixel style animations and typography.


Water is a collection of kitchen products by Falmec. The site is like a high-end brochure, with smart content design and an overall aesthetic.

Summer evening

A Summer Evening is a beautiful 3D Studio Ghibli-esque experiment. Explore the environment and discover five different secrets. It is delightful.

Maciej Zadykowicz

Maciej Zadykowicz’s portfolio is suitable dark mode for someone who specializes in Ethereum and web3, but it is brought to life by splashes of animated color.

Dot Pad

Dot Pad is an innovative tactile display for visual data. It allows you to feel the world you see. His site has a lot of clever details; we especially like what happens with the menu when you scroll.


Cal.com is an event scheduling application. The site features black-and-white typography elevated by subtle shadows and clear hierarchy. Simple to order, and suitable.

Pure Solar Farms

Pure Sunfarms sells cannabis, and its retro vibes take us all back to the long summer days when the world seemed more innocent and chilled.

Madre Mezcal

Madre Mezcal’s warm terracotta color transports you to warmer climes. The illustrations and typography are on-brand, but we really love the variable scrolling on the content columns.


Fey is an app for investors, and its simple site is appropriately restrained and high quality. Some nice animations do a great job of highlighting the features of the app.

Carl Beaverson

Carl Beaverson’s portfolio is an exercise in restraint. It’s just a series of tastefully presented thumbnails. Obvious accessibility issues aside, the pale text looks beautiful against a soft gray background.

Construction of Bakstad

The Brutalism trend of 2022 is waning, and we are seeing much less of the style. But in the case of Bakstad Construction, nothing could be more fitting.

Night works

Nightworks creates stunning lighting products that will grace any home. Its location oozes luxury from every pixel. The type, colors and layout convey quality.


We’re used to team scheduling apps, but Village is a team scheduling app for your family. The desaturated colors and modern look are perfectly aimed at young families.

Hotel 23

Hotel 23 in Medellín, Columbia looks amazing. His site has shapes and colors that reflect the building’s decor, and the room slideshow is amazing and original.

Bald Camp

Flat Camp is a retreat for up to 50 members of the Statham community. His site is clean and clear without being dull and minimal. And the display on top of a hill is very attractive.

Aviv Katz

We love the playfulness of Aviv Katz’s portfolio. There’s a lot to explore in the UI and some great work on display.


When you’re selling six-figure products, you better have a great site. Samara sells backyard-friendly tiny houses, with everything you need included. It is ideal for a home office or Airbnb.

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