20 Best New Websites, February 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of our top 20 sites of the month. In next February’s collection, the whole feeling is light and optimistic, as we see the positivity of the new year continuing across the web.

There is a constant tendency towards warmth and personality and away from a corporate, impersonal feeling. We see this most in the color palettes used and in the use of illustrations as accents to add character and magic. Of course, as always, type also plays a big role. Enjoy!


Woset has a simple aesthetic and this site has a charming illustration style for its creative toys. The ‘play’ interactive section is a nice thing.


This site has a fun feel for Graza olive oil, with comic style illustrations and a bright splash of colors while making a serious sales pitch.

Keep Grading

KeepGrading is a post-production color studio. Its portfolio site shows a lot of work but keeps it well organized and enjoyable to navigate.


By using soft colors and a slightly accurate type, Englobe managed to show a warm, friendly and human aspect to this website, despite being a huge company.


Filtro’s design is as basic as it gets, and yet it still has some magic.


See a wildlife camera currently under development. This landing page does a great job of generating interest with lots of information.


Some sweet illustrated work strikes a good balance with technical knowledge on this site about Akua kelp burgers.

Mexican Museum of Art

A color scheme of warm tones, clay and carefully thought-out pairing creates an attractive presence for the National Museum of Mexican Art.


This site for Ubac trainers feels clean and modern with some nice and mostly functional, scrolling animations.

Funny Water

The background gradient is perfectly done on an otherwise very small Funny Water site.


DA is a strategic branding, design and advertising studio, and this site is a good, polished example of such an agency site. What stands out is the smart text of the menu.

Best Phil

Phil’s Finest makes good use of color, oversized type, and mixed casual illustrations among well-styled photography.


Gray and black are vivid yellow neon in Vaayu’s minimal one-page presentation.

Emi Ozaki

Artist and illustrator Emi Ozaki has created a telephone stylized interface for its portfolio site, showcasing its aesthetic expression.

Engineering Floors

Home page scrolling is the heart of the Floor Engineering site, and works very well on mobile phones.

Hartzler Dairy

Hartzler Dairy goes with a nostalgic feel to match the company’s classic style with mid – 20th century classic branding.

Chubby snacks

Chubby Snacks has PB&J in your pocket; it sells itself! That said, the site is quite attractive in itself.


Branded market research firm goes down the design road ready for this site, which may be a bit old-fashioned but works nicely here.

Bianna SOS

SOS Foods is a great example of a responsible / sustainable product site, with an ethically designed consumer-focused design aesthetic.

Crystal Construction Engineering

Some nice use of masonry style layout and overlapping elements creates space, but also a pleasant flow in this site for Crystal Construction Engineering.

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