20 Best New Sites, June 2022

This month’s collection is a mixed bag of the best new locations. There is still positivity from last month’s edition, and what we have seen is that designers have become much more ambitious in terms of the experiences they create.

We have a few sites that help mitigate the damage of war, some unusual approaches to topics that are usually very colorful, and some excellent portfolios that should be envied. Enjoy!

Sarah Fatmi

Distinctive illustrations and desktop scrolling on the other side show that this portfolio site for illustrator Sarah Fatmi is top notch.

Vestiaire Impact Report

Green is the new black and fashion resale platform that Vestiaire presents its green credentials in an informative and engaging way.

House plant

Houseplant is a collection of cannabis-related products designed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; this site is much better than the average shopper.

FreshCut Barber Shop

The FreshCut BarberShop site is modern, bold, and clearly communicates its message, even if the user does not read French.

Feed The 300

Feed the 300 is an appeal to help the animals in Ukrainian zoos. It is very simple in concept and design, but attractive animated line drawings give it character.

Honeymoon chicken

Honeymoon Chicken is greeted by hilarious photography combined with wonderfully sensitive illustrations.

Patachou Inc

Patachou Inc. operates a restaurant group and the site does a good job of expressing the very different individual brand identities of each establishment, and the common ethics behind them all.

Living With OCD

Many design studios do showcases, and Living With OCD by Designbyla is one of the most publicly beneficial and best executed examples.


Aro is a product with a very simple concept – basically a box to put away a phone, which also charges it – but this website does a great job of increasing the desirability of the product.

Kim Kniepp

The navigation on this site for Kim Kniepp’s design studio feels very interconnected, an effect augmented by the overlapping masonry grid.


The color used here for the Pan-Baltic law firm Triniti has a calming, reassuring quality. The perpetual motion style hero video also adds a confident, soothing touch.


The creative agency Herezie uses saturation and gradual color changes to create a pleasing effect on this confident, confident Web site.

Metal Color

The color choices on this site for MetalColor, and how they are used, illustrate the results the company could achieve without focusing on the less glamorous parts of the process.


Architectural and design studio Gras goes with a clean feel with irregular grid layouts and carefully preserved images. The blog sidebar also works well.

Cumann Vendredi

Dark green and bright yellow make a strong statement in this portfolio site for Vendredi Society brand strategists.


HUB describes itself as a progressive property developer and this site does a great job of leaving behind the corporate image of property developers typically behind.

Bakery Anywhere

Bakery Anywhere makes vegan, paleo, gluten-free cookies, which are not at all appealing on paper. This site manages to make them look really tasty and healthy.

Apotheke zur Triumphpforte

The botanical illustration style images on the Apotheke zur Triumphpforte site help to create a approachable brand identity while adding visual interest.


A good balance of images, animations and illustrations combine to create an influential presence for the first B! Pod product, a food vacuum storage system.

The New Exhibition

The New Exhibition is an exhibition platform for Ukrainian creative people – type designers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and others – whose ability to find work has been hampered by the war.

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