20 Best New Site, May 2022

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like the world is falling apart around us, especially as we fade away scrolling Twitter between news alerts every few minutes. But if we go back a little, things may not look so bad.

On the web, we see companies and individuals standing positively, making changes, and continuing despite challenging circumstances. So in this month’s collection, we celebrate confidence and emphasize the positive, as the song says. Enjoy!

Bionic Plastic

The ‘change view’ option is well used on this portfolio site for Plasticbionic design studio. The grid view is particularly pleasing.


Fabrica’s creative agency looks simple, with some attractive illustrations and custom icons.


The color scheme and display font option (Knockout) makes a strong statement here for the law firm Normand.

Dumpling Delivery

We all avoid bored-on-a-slow-friday-evening from time to time, and Mailchimp delivers the goods here.


OTR is a mental health service for young people aged 11-25. The site does a great job of feeling approachable and friendly to younger users and not being compliant, cute or childish.


Good use of block color adds extra depth to this portfolio site that would be brutal for your neueMeta design studio.

Vitra Chair Finder

This interactive questionnaire helps the customer identify the best chair for their needs. The animation is well done here, and it’s a great thing to see a page of swirling Vitra chairs.

Chia Studios

A good balance here between seriousness and fun in Chia Studio’s portfolio setting, professional but friendly.

Sagmeister 123

The concept behind this limited range of clothing designed by Stefan Sagmeister is that, taking the long – term view, the world is getting better. So the Sagmeister 123 site has a quiet overall positive feeling. And koala.


RecPak is a meal replacement shake designed to be taken during outdoor activities. The site has an active, dynamic feel that works well to convey a sense of rough outdoor adventure.

Alicia Moore

This site oozes your Alicia Moore clothing brand style and sophistication with soft colors and beautiful fashion photography.

Consider Packaging

The Think Packaging website has a bright, bold, playful feel to it. Case studies are well presented visually but the text is kept to a minimum.


BP & O’s brand design and packaging blog has added extended content to its subscribers, making it a pleasure to browse their new site.

Factory of the Future

The Future Factory is a business lead generation agency, which, by the way, does not seem to be a bit obscure. But, funky animations and a somewhat quirky type certainly do not convey dullness.


Polybion’s new website has a great feel with a rich color scheme adding to a brand’s sense of confidence and maturity.

The Empathy Experiment

The Empathy Experiment is an interactive ‘game’ from digital media.monks agencies that explores empathy and inclusion in the workplace while at the same time showing some technical skills.

Belle Epoque

The front scrolling on the Belle Epoque site is extremely pleasing, and the floating random shapes are interesting.

Risteard Ekwonye

Richard Ekwonye’s portfolio site is clean and simple. Skills are on display, but without interfering with the subject.


SND has created UI audio kits. The site is as simple as it could be, and yet it’s impossible not to explore all the sounds and start imagining where you might use them.

KMZ Industries

Regular readers will know how much we enjoy interesting technical / industrial-made sites, and this one is a great example for KMZ grain storage systems.

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