15 Inspirational Alternatives to Dribbble & Behance

Web design is often stagnant because designers look at the same work and follow the same trends. Unfortunately, algorithms promote work they like, and designers produce content for people to like, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

We’ve been talking about the dribblization of design for years, but Behance is just as guilty of promoting and encouraging homogenous design.

It’s not that Dribbble and Behance don’t have value; both are great resources for designers. But they are victims of their own success, and it will be healthier for them, designers, and the industry if we expand our sources of design inspiration.

And so, today, we’re presenting this list of the best places to find design inspiration for web designers that aren’t Dribbble or Behance. (Okay, you can check them out too, if you really want to!)


Awwwards is the best site for web design inspiration. The best agencies in the world post here, and the ‘Site of the Day’ award is a great honour. So if you’re looking for design inspiration, this should be your first stop.

Admire The Web

Admire The Web is a great collection of curated sites. It’s more selective than sites like Awwwards, so you don’t have to wade through as much to find the best web design.

Love One Page

One Page Love is one of the best resources for designers looking for new inspiring ideas. It’s aimed at one-time callers, which means it leans towards apps, tech startups, and smaller independent projects.


Godly is another great collection of web design inspiration. Godley uses animated thumbnails, so you can get a sense of a site before looking at it in detail. Therefore, it is perfect for animated landing pages.


Hoverstat.es is a collection of curated websites that often find little gems that other sites miss. Unlike most roundups, each site isn’t detailed, and new sites are rare, but they’re always worth browsing.

Stimulating site

Siteinspire is one of the most established design inspiration sites. The collection is carefully divided into different styles; if you find your own site listed, you can add your contact details.

Land book

Land-book is a curated collection of the best sites on the web. The site does a great job of presenting screenshots clearly, and the similar sites feature is great for browsing specific moods.


Savee is a great site to browse all kinds of design inspiration. It’s like Pinterest for designers as it goes in the direction of art and photography. It is easy to scan for mood boards.


UIJar is a handpicked collection of beautifully designed websites. Unlike most of the other sites on this list, UIJar has a branding collection that is great for identity designers.

Brutalist Websites

Brutalist Websites is the perfect inspiration site if you are a fan of the Brutalist design trend. There are plenty of designs that show why Brutalism is so popular right now, but the site itself is probably short-lived.

Minimal Gallery

Minimal Gallery is a collection of sites that embrace minimalism. Like Brutalist Websites, the quality of the collection is very high, but the site’s lifespan is probably short-lived due to being tied to a single trend.


Ello is a platform for showcasing great design work. He is firm on illustrations and artwork. There is also a lot of photography on display. You will also find regular opportunities related to creative briefs.

Deviant art

DeviantArt is still the biggest, and arguably the best, gallery for illustration, with many styles from anime to classic. it’s easy to lose a few hours browsing DeviantArt.

Figma community

Figma Community is a collection of the best work from the Figma community. But you don’t need to be a Figma user to be inspired by the UI work on display.


Lapa is a collection of 5000+ landing pages. The collection is curated across the web, so if you only have time to check out one site, Lapa might be a good choice.

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