15 Best New Fonts, September 2022

Fonts express text, conveying personality in a way that no other design element can. So, we’ve put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve seen on the web each month.

This month’s collection of fresh new fonts includes some typefaces that push boundaries in subtle but irresistible ways, a few retro fonts that evoke specific eras, and some well-drawn examples of classic themes.


Gazzetta is a compact font with soft curves and sharp ties that give it plenty of personality at display sizes while still being extremely practical.


Bacalar is an interesting variable font inspired by the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The bold shapes are simple in contrast to extreme tapers that create dynamic shapes.


Monden is a high-contrast serif with an interesting bevel applied to lower case h, m, and n. This “kick” adds a modern richness to blocks of text.


Flecha is a sharp typeface with precise, simplified shapes that make it suitable for digital use. There is a range of styles and weights that provide flexibility.

Wonder Varelia

There are countless calligraphy script fonts available, but few are executed with the same beauty as Wonder Varelia. It works best as a concise display text.


Okkult is inspired by 70s horror movies. It’s a great alternative for Halloween, Stranger Things style retro designs, and hard rock bands.

South Beach

South Beach is an excellent script font that feels carefree and optimistic. It would work well as the logo for a hotel, travel company, or restaurant.


Cengal is a beautiful typeface that makes unexpected decisions to create interest in an otherwise traditional design.


Lokeya is a fun sans-serif with a distinctive modern French style. It includes many other styling options to bring word shapes to life and is great for branding work.


Grtsk is an extremely flexible font set with two writing systems, six widths, and seven weights that is also available as one highly practical variable font.

Beast Head

Beast Head is an expressive brush script full of energy. It is a great branding option for gyms, workout clothes, energy drinks, and music events.

Happy Monday to you

Happy Monday is a retro script font that reflects the late 60’s and 70’s. It is a popular choice for T-shirts, branding and editorial work.

TT Espina

TT Espina is a serif face with high contrast and especially large serifs. The heavy weight rises unevenly on the counters, creating a unique aesthetic.


Halloween is terrifyingly just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a spooky font for seasonal promotions, look no further than Spookyman.


Quebra is a useful sans-serif for projects that require a range of widths. At small sizes, it feels corporate and reserved; at larger sizes, more human details begin to emerge.

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