15 Best New Fonts, October 2022

Each month we publish this roundup of the best new fonts for designers to help you find new ways to pack personality into your designs.

In the October issue, you’ll find several revivals and tons of vintage inspiration, all wrapped with a modern twist. After years of geometric sans-serifs, a few decorative flowers are welcome. Enjoy!

The Future

The Future and the accompanying monospace The Future Mono is a tribute to the classic Futura. A brilliant revision of classic forms, The Future Mono is a blend of Western Modernism and Japanese typographic styles.


Rapida and Rapidissima began as part of a master’s course at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag. While Rapida is a carefully usable serif with lots of thoughtful detail, Rapidissima is a visually exciting exploration of speed.


Aiglon is sans-serif pseudo-geometrics with beautiful proportions. It draws inspiration from 20th century architectural letters. It’s a great alternative to Gotham for those looking for a more European aesthetic.

Raskal Oner Wrote

Raskal Oner Write is a script font for designers who don’t need a script font. The classic feel of the handwritten letters is all here, but the construction is completely original. Contextual choices combine to create the visual appearance of the letter.


Grostino is an elegant font. The huge contrast in width between its round glyphs and its square glyphs adds a huge personality. It is ideal for branding projects that need to evoke classicism.

Tree Fig

Figtree is a very usable sans-serif packed with practical features, including fractions, monospaced numbers, and scientific subscripts. It is both minimal and friendly, making it a great choice for corporate design systems. It is free to download.

Gills & Co

Gills & Co is a modern serif that draws inspiration from Art Nouveau to create beautiful webs and stickers. It works very well as a logo and for packaging.


Catalog is a strong, easy-to-use serif with thick slab serifs. It has a simplified shape and is easy to read on low resolution screens. It features an unusual lowercase gi, which adds visual interest to passages of text.

Display Kreol

Kreol Display is a didone typeface with some interesting details that elevate it above similar designs. Lower case ‘a’ and upper case ‘R’ are very pleasant.


Gwen is a typeface family that includes a high-character display face and a more subtle text face. It has seven different weights, and is available as a variable font.


Benogi is a display font that runs through wave-like forms. The aesthetic of the 70’s is followed in the glyphs. It is a great choice for branding health and beauty products.

Marcin Antique

Marcin Antique is inspired by early French grotesque typefaces. It has just been reissued with new widths, added weights, and a redrawn italic font, making it the most usable sans-serif yet.

VVDS A Dickens Story

It’s scary to say it, but yes, the holiday season is just weeks away. If you’re preparing marketing material with a heritage feel, then check out The Dickens Tale, it’s as classic as candy canes and Peanuts reruns.

Sans Povetarac

Povetarac Sans is a workhorse of a sans-serif that performs well for displaying and running text. Inspired by vintage designs, it comes with weights and supports fractions.


Blothe is a chunky show face that is drawn wide, thick and round. Use it in large quantities to get the most out of its weighty presence.

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