15 Best New Fonts, November 2022

Nothing brings your designs to life like the typefaces you choose, so every month we put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve found online.

This month, there is a distinct medieval aesthetic throughout some of the designs. You’ll find plenty of rebellion in fonts that break the rules for fun. And as always, we’ve included some excellent practical options. Enjoy!


Arnika is a relaxed typeface with much more character than typical sans-serifs. Its strokes are flared to the point of almost being a serif, and the oversized x-height gives it an almost medieval feel. Four weights are crying out for use in a branding project.


Nosi is a non-ironic typeface that does a great job of evoking the spirit of fans of music, French cinema and teen dramas. It is a great choice for editorial demo work if used sparingly.


Parabole Display is what happens when you connect the wrong points on your outline: outer curves become inner curves creating an attractive and highly usable display font. Parabole Text is the simplified sans-serif. It’s an exciting pairing for editorial work.


There are not many new serif fonts, perhaps because they are more difficult to draw than the popular sans-serif. Rizoma is an exception. Based on Roman inscription letters, it is confident, modern, and very usable.


If you’re shopping for a festive font and want to avoid the usual brush scripts, check out Guacheva. The all caps serif is elegant and feminine, with a clear sense of calligraphy.

Axios pro

Axios Pro is a good, solid workhorse of sans-serif. Based on early 20th century grotesques, anyone interested in western architectural design will be familiar with it. It is available in 10 weights and two variable fonts, with extensive OpenType support.

GT Press

GT Pressura brings the warmth of print to the web by simulating the effect of ink spreading over paper. The subtle rounding of the sans font adds visual interest to the mono, standard and extended fonts.


Script fonts are almost always brush or pen based, traced in vectors. So it’s great to see Galdy, a refined retro script. With a distinctly American feel, it’s perfect for branding projects.


Nitido is a humanistic sans-serif font designed as a companion to Nitida. It is an identified font family with seven weights and seven italics. As a result, it is ideally suited for corporate design work.


Kinckq is an interesting experiment with variable font techniques. Inspired by a 19th century woodcut print, Kinckq is a didone that bends through its middle, creating a 3D effect made for large sizes.


Broger is another distorted font, this time twisting shapes and connecting them with elegant ligatures. It is a great choice for branding in the health & beauty market.

Coin Charter

Charte Mono is another attempt to solve the unsolvable — there is no mono in the Latin alphabet. However, when combined with Charte Mono, monospaced fonts are excellent for user interface design, charts and signage.


Lini is designed to be as compressed as possible while still being very readable. It supports Latin and Devanagari languages ​​and works equally well in both forms. Lini is still in beta but has already won awards.

Variable Rotulo

Rotulo is a variable font with a huge contrast between its thick and thin strokes. Inspired by hand lettering on signs, it’s a simple choice for branding or display type on websites.


Okay, so we’re a month late for Halloween, but Bouuuuuh is still worth a mention. Its cartoonish shapes are perfect for poster design, T-shirts, brand design, and, yes, next year’s Halloween marketing.

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