15 Best New Fonts, January 2023

Your choice of font has a significant impact on the voice your designs take on. The right font can convey heritage, ambition, freshness, energy, utility and more.

And so, every month, we’ve put together this roundup of the 15 best new fonts we’ve discovered on the web in the last four weeks. Enjoy!


Bulk is a great typeface that challenges the way letters are constructed. Bulk uses bold outlines, block shapes and delicate linear ‘cuts’ to form his letters. It’s a great choice for posters, large typography, and branding.

AW Conqueror Stincilla

We’ve seen AW Conqueror before, and AW Conqueror Stincilla is a delightful stencil variation on the form. It produces some beautiful shapes and is suitable for luxury branding, editorial work, and even as a display face.

Vesterbro Sans

We rarely see a sans-serif that we can honestly describe as refreshing, but Vesterbro Sans falls into that category. It is expertly executed with simple details adding to the overall sense of ease. It is also available as a variable font.


Miau is so over the top it’s barely legible. The ribbon-like letters are full of energy. It works best when used in small doses.


Rikna is a slab-serif workhorse that works well at body font sizes and has enough detail to be interesting at display sizes. It’s a solid all-around choice for a serious project that needs human warmth.


Austerlitz consists of families of pseudo-denon fonts. It is a flexible and highly usable family that works well for real, digital and print publications. The refined rhythm means that Austerlitz will work well in some branding projects.


gramma is a modern sans-serif. Gramma has a distinctive terminal style that creates visual interest at larger sizes and helps keep the outline letterforms clean on screen at smaller sizes. It would make a great brand font.

Miracle Fairway

Miracle Fairway is a thick-stroked display typeface with tapered serifs that give the overall design a sense of movement. It is a great choice for your logo design.


Vitrine is a high-contrast sans-serif that looks great in large sizes. It comes in nine weights, but the semi-heavy, heavy, and black have the highest contrast and, as a result, the greatest character. It works well as a display face and for logos.


Kelyon is an elegant showcase with medieval and Art Nouveau influences. It has many alternatives. It works best at display sizes and is a good choice for editorial design.

Fit Devanagari

Fit Devanagari is a highly stylized typeface, designed as a companion to the Fit Latin typeface, that can be used at any size. If you need to fill a certain size space, Fit allows you to do so gracefully.

Precise Sans

Precise Sans is a tech-feeling sans-serif with a range of weights and (eventually) two italics. It is a great choice for UI design, where clarity trumps character, but you still want a little personality. It’s still in beta so expect changes.


Mistont is a beautiful serif font with graceful curves and graceful ligatures. It is a great option for branding lifestyle products.


Exergue is a great serif typeface that uses flared terminals to match its serifs. The result is blocks of text that feel unexpected and familiar at the same time. Exergue is a great choice for extended passages of text where it adds character while maintaining readability.


Manier is a very usable typeface with angular wedges and generous modern proportions. Comes in six weights with matching italics. It’s great if you want to infuse your design with confidence.

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