15 Best New Fonts, January 2022

With a new year here, it’s time to try out some new fonts.

Whether you are designing a brand new website or redesigning an existing one, you have covered the following list of fonts. In addition to the trusted serifs and sans serifs we use to create engaging and readable content, this round also has some fun additions, including one you can use for websites that advertise Valentine’s Day deals of the month next.


Antona is a sans serif geometric font family with 16 different styles. The solid structures and ample white space within the characters give a safe and friendly vibe.


Aromanis is a small print family with only two variations: Regular and Shadow. This new font supports almost 70 languages ​​and has an extensive Latin set with local forms. This print is best branded for youth companies that have fun meaning – from logos to posters and everything in between.

Aromanis shadow font

Black Coopy

Black Coopy is an edgy font that would work well for sports brands. In addition to the standard alpha, numeric and punctuation sets, the font comes with various swash characters that can be used to frame your bold headlines.

Black Coopy sporty print

Love Cimory

Don’t wait until February to start thinking about how to incorporate a little romance into your designs. Cimory Love is a script font that comes in two styles: Regular and Italian. As well as being used to promote Valentine ‘s Day sales, this could be a cute print for use on websites for small gift shops, bakeries, and so on.

Cimory Love - the best new font for Valentine's Day


Cotford is a contemporary serif font with tons of flexibility built into it. It comes in eight variations – three texts and five display weights. Designers can use one of many pre-designed styles or they can modify this dynamic font to suit their specific needs.

Cotford new font


Digno is a beautiful, informal serif font that is easy on the eyes. The font family has 14 weights that cover a wide spectrum – lights, media, fights, and even a few “Book” weights are added if you want to add some personality to those text-dense pages of your own.

Font Digno

Comika Dogly

Dogly Comika is an accurate display font with two styles: Regular and outline. While it is promoted as a print for animals and pets, you could use it for any type of website hero image, mobile app splash screen, video game, or social media graphic for brands that have a fun vibe.

Dogly Comika bubble font


Guzzo is a nostalgic font inspired by medieval grotesques. With 24 styles ranging from Condensed Fire to Extended Black and unexpected character variations (like the random cursives in italics), you could realistically create interesting font pairs from this family.

Guzzo Font for 2022


Idem is a contemporary serif with nine broad styles that would work well for both headers and text. Inspired by literary publications and commercial artists from the earlier part of the 20th century, this print family has a highly readable structure with a bold flare.

Idem Font

Jantur type

Jantur Type is a sans geometric font that supports more than 200 Latin-based languages. While you could use one of the thin or regular weights for editing content, this font will be very effective in headers and shorter paragraphs where it can have a greater impact on messages.

Jantur type


Loretta is an elegant serif designed specifically for the body of your web pages. Because of its calligraphy roots, this particular font would work great for high-end digital publications or blogs that promote luxury lifestyles and merchandise.

Loretta font


Rebrand is an inspiring inspiration for geometric sans. Rebrand has two subfamilies: Nine weights are displayed along with alternate characters and dingbats; The text comes in seven weights covering a wide spectrum of styles. Given the size and variety of this font family, you could easily do this as a font for the company’s branding, headers and body type.

Rebranding - new font

Royal Grotesque

Royal Grotesque is a resurrection of the sans serif 1914 font known as Wotan. Only one version of this font is available (Regular) and it would work great anywhere on the web with its clean and neutral design.

Royal Grotesque


Selva is an attractive Scotch font featuring a traditional Roman serif family, an italic version of each Roman, as well as a script family. If you are thinking of using a script font for branding or headlines, the classic and delicate details of this particular font are an interesting choice.

Selva serif font

Gothic Sunset

Sunset Gothic is a sans serif inspired by signage found near and around Los Angeles. Because this signage was often painted directly on shop windows and building facades, the letter forms had to be highly legible to both travelers and drivers alike. This print draws on hand-painted, vector-based styling of those painted promotions.

Gothic sunset font

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