15 Best New Fonts, February 2023

The fonts you embed in your website change the design and can mean the difference between an extraordinary brand experience and a high bounce rate.

And so, every month, we put together this collection of the fifteen best new fonts that have hit us over the past four weeks. Enjoy!

Dewey’s Decimal

Dewey Decimal is a modern take on the typeface typeface style. It is proportional, with a large x-height and open counters, making it suitable for use on the web.

First Aid Kit

The First Aid kit on print is an interesting subject as each weight is a different style. It’s a smorgasbord of options that gives you plenty of bang for your buck.


Vangeda is a display font that is perfectly fitting for the Art Nouveau revival that has been growing since last year. It is ideal for branding or large print work.

Grotesk mint

Mint Grotesk is an unusual sans serif with a wide range of options, including stylistic options and table figures. It’s a great workhorse and great for UI designs.


Ada is a contemporary calligraphy script font based on the Arabic Ruq’ah style. It includes Arabic and Latin characters and has three variations: sharp, flat and rounded.


Sterlington is an ornate script with many flourishes referencing the grand style of the Victorian era. He is crying out to be used on Sherlock Holmes sales.


Vinco is a curvaceous serif with elegant strokes and a subtle organic flourish in letters like a, f, and ya that reduce its formality, especially in the bolder weights.


Marige is a chunky serif with fine-looking terminals. Its confident yet informal shape is excellent for editorial design or branding.


Like a workhorse sans serif that looks beautiful, however, like with many corporate sans serifs you’ve seen before, except for some beautiful details that emphasize the bottom line.


Ravera is a brush script that leans into a hand-drawn look. It’s available regular or textured, the latter of which adds a nice woodblock print effect for added grunge.


Baste is a sans serif inspired by the south of France, reflecting the softness of the coast and the spirit of cities like Marseilles.


Artusi is a delicious serif typeface inspired by an influential Italian cookbook writer. It is available as a variable font, and the refined style is carried through all weights.


Parnaso is a high-contrast serif with fine detail and a solid rhythm. His italics are lively and playful. It is very suitable for running text, and its display variety is excellent at larger sizes.

Fitzgerald in Berlin

Fitzgerald Berlin is a retro serif with contemporary details. Its shapes are on the cutting edge of calligraphy, making it a solid choice for heritage branding projects.

Garage Rockers

Everyone loves a good brush script, and Rockers Garage fits the bill perfectly. Its clear rhythm provides excellent readability, and the texture is nice and subtle.

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