15 Best New Fonts, August 2022

There’s nothing like a new font or two to breathe new life into your designs. And so, every month, we put together this collection of the fonts we’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks.

This month we have traditional slab serifs, some original scripts, a few workhorses, and plenty of character display faces. Enjoy!


There are plenty of calligraphy typefaces available, but Canora is a little different. Next to Canora Frente, which leans to the right, follow Canora Verso to the left for an original look.


Fisterra is an informal serif in two styles. Morte emphasizes the curves of the pair, while Fora emphasizes the sharp lines; both share the same elegant frame.

King of August

King of August is a single-weight script full of energy. The extra cut below the stroke on characters like the lowercase s and p adds a pleasing wet-paint feel.


This poster print is Lithops. The pattern that forms the letter shapes is seaweed, fine jewelry, and acid splashes. Do not try to set the body text there.


Sangbleu is a super family of fonts with five complementary voices: Empire, Kingdom, Republic, Versailles, and Sunrise. It is suitable for demanding editing work.

Kohinoor One

Kohinoor One claims to be the thinnest font ever produced, with strokes only one unit thick. It’s perfect for those occasions when you need a light typographic color in extra large sizes.


Firelli is a warm, contemporary slab serif with a range of weights from thin black to nostalgic black. It works great for headlines and body text.


Ideal for signage, branding, and headline text, UCity Pro is a geometric sans-serif with ten variable font styles and variants.


Artex is an excellent sans-serif with simplified forms that work best when accommodating its large number of styles and weights. It is also available as a variable font.


Colroy is an excellent early-style slab-serif that’s great for setting large lines of text. It was started in 2009, released in 2014, and has just been re-released with new weights and a variable font.


Fabbrica is a solid, functional sans-serif that performs very well at small sizes, including on screen. It has round and sharp variations and different weights.


As the name suggests, Mule is a flexible, hardworking serif with mixed lineage. Its rounded shapes are friendly and attractive, and its vertical rhythm makes it ideal for extended passages of text.


Romano is a distinct Roman font. Subtle flares and abrupt angles recall the carved letterforms and formal scripts of the Renaissance.


Kosmos is an experimental typeface in which multiple horizontal shapes encompass the letters. The best weights are barely visible, and the thicker weights overlap the shapes to create cloud-like forms.

Precise Sans

Precise Sans is a great font for dashboards and other complex UI designs. It is clean and modern with simplified shapes. It is currently in beta.

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