15 Best New Fonts, April 2022

This month’s collection of the best new fonts is moving towards lighter and sharper than previous months. In addition, print foundries seem to be getting more creative with their designs as many of these fonts come with alternate style sets, giving you more control over the resulting print face.

If you are looking for some fun new fonts to enhance your web design, get started here:

1. Beauty Rose

Beauty Rose is a whimsical script font that can add a little love and warmth to header text and hero images. It would also look great when promoting holidays and events such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and weddings.

2. Black sour

Black Sharp is a display font that works just as well for website logos as it does for physical products (eg, signage, packaging, book covers, etc.). What is particularly neat about this print is how it changes when you change its texture. It has a very different tone and an ugly look rather than a shiny one, for example.

Black Sharp - the best fonts April 2022

3. Gabhar & Qalvigo

Goat & Qalvigo is a classic serif font with a modern twist. While many of the examples provided by the designer kind of illustrate the funky side of the font, thanks to the extra ligatures and other styles, you can always use the regular character sets. Either way, you will have a great new font to use throughout your Web site.

Goat & Qalvigo - Best Fonts April 2022

4. Happy Comic

Happy Comic is a font full of personality. Looking at it makes me think of a goofy cartoon character or maybe even an older Adam Sandler movie. This would be a good font to brand brands or publications that are light and funny.

Happy Comic - the best fonts April 2022

5. Show Helsa

Helsa Display is a slim and compact serif. While serifs generally work well for article text, this one applies to headlines and subheadings because of how thin the characters are. It also has a bit of a dark side (see the examples at the link to see what I mean), so book this font for border – pushing brands and personalities.

Helsa Display - the best fonts April 2022

6. Variable Antiqua Lab

Lab Antiqua is a font that took years to create. The latest release for this print family is called Variable Antiqua Lab. Like other variable fonts, Lab Antiqua will move through a range of font sizes with ease without losing the attributes that make this serif font so unique.

Variables Antiqua Lab - the best fonts April 2022

7. Monomorium

Monomorium is a monospace font with an open aperture and flow style. In addition, this unusual print comes with extra ligatures, style alternatives, brackets and more, depending on the play or button you want it to have.

Monomorium - the best fonts April 2022

8. Neumond

Neumond is a serif font that pushes the limits of readability. This font gives you the ability to equip the characters with sharp lines, overlap the letters, and push them toward extreme angles. If you have a brand that is challenging the norm, a font like this that does the same thing will go very well with it.

Neumond - Best Fonts April 2022

9. Pratico Slab UI

Pratico Slab UI is a serif slab font that would add strength and character to a website’s text. You can also test the weight and size if you are looking for a less boring but very readable header font.

Pratico Slab UI - Best Fonts April 2022

10. PT Nature

PT Nature is an exciting collection of script fonts. While they are all technically related to the PT Nature family, each font is modeled after the handwriting of different people. So this font class can be really useful if you use a lot of script fonts in your work. Or if you want to make one site and brand look like it has multiple personalities.

PT Nature - Best Fonts April 2022

11. Font Rosehot

Rosehot Typeface is a beautiful font that crosses the line between serif and sans serif. With its elegant curves, unexpected curves, and extra angles, this print would beautifully elevate designs for high-end retailers, fashionistas, and others with luxurious offers or services.

Rosehot Font - the best fonts April 2022

12. Shorai Sans

Shorai Sans is a sans serif font inspired by both calligraphy sweeps and geometric outlines. You can use it to style Latin text as well as Japanese. Font creators recommend pairing it with Avenir Next for better consistency in your designs.

Shorai Sans - Best Fonts April 2022

13. Crockery

Shoutyperson is a bold all-caps. Due to the grungy, stencil style of the print, it is not really applicable to many projects. That said, Shoutyperson would be an effective print choice for military companies, ammunition, or for brands or personalities involved in a strict, regimental lifestyle (like personal trainers).

Shoutyperson - the best April font 2022 fonts

14. Simple Farm

Simple Farmhouse is a basic handwriting print that is very readable. It’s similar to the style of writing you’d use to take notes on a whiteboard or notebook, so it would work well for brands looking to express casual and low-key imitation.

Simple Farmhouse - Best Fonts April 2022

15. Sweet Pancakes

Sweet Pancakes is a fun font with full-bodied characters. Most of the examples provided put the font against food, so this could be used on restaurant websites or food blogs. However, that is not to say that it could not be used elsewhere. It’s a light – hearted, easy – to – read font, so it could also be used to style websites and to brand companies and personalities with a vibrant personality and / or positive mission.

Sweet Pancakes - Best April Fonts 2022

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