14 best free Chrome extensions for SEO (tried and tested)

SEO related Chrome extensions can help you work faster and smarter.

I’ve tested a few dozen popular free Chrome extensions, and I’ve included 14 of the most useful in this article.

This extension allows you to inspect meta information on web pages, find problems and get recommendations for solving them. It covers meta tags, canonicals, Open Graph tags, structured data, hreflang, subtitles, and more.

It also provides advanced data on the internal and external scripts used on the page.

Meta SEO Inspector

Unlike many other extensions, Hreflang Tag Checker doesn’t just list the hreflang data of a page. It actually scans the links in the hreflang tags to see if they link to the page you are visiting.

Check Hreflang tag

Side note.

Use our free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to check your entire website for hreflang and other SEO-related issues.

TextOptimizer describes itself as a writing assistant tool. It analyzes search results for relevant terms and extracts “intent tables” to suggest other words that you can use in your copy “to better meet search engine expectations.”

There are more than enough premium content optimization tools on the market, but TextOptimizer does a good job as a free tool.

Text optimizer

This extension provides a good amount of data for a free tool – keyword search volumes, keyword ideas, and domain-wide traffic estimates are provided directly from Google’s SERPs.

Recently, he added a new feature called “Profile Builder”. This feature creates an article structure by analyzing search results higher up in one click.

Keyword surfer

The SEO Minion extension is one of the multiple tools for SEO. It allows you to check the SEO data on the page, highlight outbound links, and check pages for broken links.

Arguably, its best feature is the “Even people ask” multilevel query export from the SERP. This will give you related long tail queries that you can consider when creating new content.

Minion SEO

With this extension, you can emulate Google searches from any location and check if a particular URL ranks in the top 100 results.

This will help you see how the rankings for a query vary in different parts of the world.

SEO search simulator

Link Redirect Trace discovers all URLs in a redirect chain, including 301, 302, and JavaScript redirects.

Also, it displays some page-level metrics from LinkResearchTools for free.

Trace link redirect

The Glimpse Chrome extension turns Google Trends into a keyword research tool. Enrich your Google Trends data with keyword search volumes, long tail keyword suggestions, and a topic map.

However, you should note that the free version only allows 10 searches per month. You will also need a paid membership for extensive keyword research.


This is an indispensable tool for those who work with JavaScript-based websites.

Compare the raw page code and its rendered version. And SEOs can check, for example, if JavaScript overrides canonical titles, descriptions, or tags.

View rendered source

With Similarweb for Chrome, you can check estimated traffic, traffic sources, visitor geography, and other key stats for any website.

This extension is useful for evaluating linking opportunities and analyzing your competitors.


This Hunter extension finds the email addresses associated with the website you are visiting. Get 50 free credits per month. There’s also a Google Sheets add-on for quick bulk checkout.

Soccer player

Recommended reading: 6 ways to find anyone’s email address

Gmass is a powerful and lightweight tool for organizing awareness campaigns. It integrates directly into Gmail and requires no additional resources.

It allows you to schedule emails, send mail merges with Google Sheets, create email sequences, and track email openings.


Data Scraper allows you to extract various data from any web page and save it to a spreadsheet.

You can extract tables and lists, get paginated results and create customized scraping “recipes” for your needs.

Data scraper

Our toolbar can easily replace a bunch of other SEO extensions for Chrome.

It offers the following features: on-page SEO report, redirect tracker, HTTP header reader, link checker / highlighter and search position simulator.

Ahrefs users also get page, domain and keyword metrics for the URLs they visit and for search results. Also, this extension can help you submit URLs to Intersect Link And Gap in content relationships easily.

Ahrefs SEO toolbar

Final thoughts

There are some Chrome extensions that bring the functionality of online SEO tools and services right into your browser. I hope this post will help you find an extension or two that will significantly impact your productivity and save you a lot of time.

Keep in mind that using too many browser extensions may slow down your computer, so choose them wisely.

If you use a lot of extensions, you can always create multiple user profiles for different activities.

Then you can install different extensions on each profile and switch between them as needed.

You can also use One Click Extensions Manager to keep your extensions clean and tidy.

Do you have any other extensions to suggest? ping me on Twitter.

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