10 great WordPress plugins in 2023

WordPress is a very flexible content management system for creating a website. A key reason for this flexibility is the wide range of plugins available. You can add other features and enhancements to your site.

The thousands of useful WordPress plugins available cover almost every aspect of any type of website. The niche of your website determines the type of plugins you should have. There are some great WordPress plugins that every blog site needs; security, speed, SEO, and contact form, to name a few.

The most effective WordPress websites create a pleasant experience for visitors. Whether you’re blogging about the latest fashion trends or selling products for your brand, you can improve your website. Do it with one or more of these ten great WordPress plugins.

You might want to approach Brizy with caution because once you start using it, it won’t look as easy as any other website theme builder you might try. Even better, you can download this WordPress website builder for non-techies (and for techies too) for Free.

With the Brizy WordPress theme builder at your fingertips, you can –

  • build a brand new website or upgrade an existing one;
  • create dynamic templates for your blog and archive pages, headers, footers, custom pages, and more;
  • enjoy instant access to 150+ customer-friendly pre-made templates;
  • build your blog exactly as you imagined it;
  • customize your WooCommerce store site easily.

Brizy Theme Builder, Global Blocks, and Global Styles features are at your fingertips, and WooCommerce integration is also included.

You can also choose the 100% White Label option if you want to brand the Brizy Builder as your own. A Pro option is available.

Click the banner to learn more about Brizy and download it for free.

While there are many good reasons to use wpDataTables, the main advantage is that it works with any WordPress theme, can create a responsive table in minutes, and requires no coding.

With this WordPress tables plugin, you can take advantage of many useful features including –

  • four chart building engines: Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js, and the new Apex Charts;
  • connect to multiple database sources, eg, MYSQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL;
  • fine-tune a table or chart to be responsive or editable and use conditional formatting to highlight critical data;
  • the ability to create tables from an embedded JSON file;
  • and use single-cell dynamic shortcodes in many different options;
  • integration with Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, and Avada.

wpDataTables is a robust table and chart plugin that is extremely simple. Click on the banner to learn more.

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that can completely automate and streamline your appointment booking operations when added to a business WordPress site. This makes Amelia a great choice for beauty, healthcare, wellness, consulting, education, and similar client-facing businesses.

The Amelia plugin can –

  • manage an unlimited number of appointment bookings at multiple locations, all from one platform and dashboard;
  • enable clients to book appointments online 24/7;
  • easily manage group appointments, package bookings, and events;
  • send notifications and reminders to clients via Email or SMS, and make payments online with PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, or Razor;
  • customize booking forms to match the host’s brand.

Click on the banner to find out more about how the Amelia WordPress plugin could be used to upgrade your business’s booking operations.

Slider Revolution is a WordPress plugin that is more than just a slider plugin. It’s a popular plugin that designers rely on to create visuals that their clients know and customers will love.

Slider Revolution Features –

  • 250+ website and slide templates designed to fit;
  • innovative website animation effects and other features that push the boundaries of what is possible in web design.

Slider Revolution is trusted by over 9 million users worldwide.

Structured data helps your website speak the language of Google, and WordLift is the most innovative way to create one.

It is an AI-powered SEO tool that:

  • adds structured data to your content;
  • it creates a Knowledge Graph that makes it easier for Google to understand the relevance of pages, their relationship and value;
  • add expertise, authority, and credibility to your website.

As a result, you will get more organic traffic and audience engagement.

TheDock is a design team-focused WordPress theme builder that supports collaboration, promotes website design, and helps create sites that look sharp, perform great, and are easily maintained because –

  • Custom Job Types and Custom Fields;
  • fast page load;
  • flexible auto-adjust layout system with UI components;
  • a white label builder to share access to TheDock if you want;
  • built-in features that ensure excellent security and easy maintenance.

Download Monitor is a WordPress download manager that helps you streamline your business operations without having to go through the process of setting up a complex or expensive tracking solution.

With the Download Monitor plugin, you can –

  • tracking of any type of file download (ZIP, PPT, XSLX, PDF, etc.);
  • compile aggregated file download statistics about different types of file downloads;
  • set up access rules based on user roles and download quotas.

Essential Grid is by far the best WordPress grid plugin on the market. Essential Grid makes it easier than ever to spice up your websites by using it to create stunning and professional looking galleries.

This WordPress plugin can –

  • full screen grid layout options and different grid designs;
  • responsive designs that allow you to control the appearance of a grid on different devices;
  • access to social media content.

LayerSlider is the best WordPress slider plugin, but it’s not just for Sliders. Create image galleries, pop-ups, landing pages, animated page blocks, parallax and scroll views, and even entire websites.

Slide Layer –

  • suitable for your needs and easy to use;
  • they can add spice and flair and style to a run-of-the-mill website;
  • supports any WordPress theme and page builder;
  • features more than 210 highly customizable website, slider, and popup templates.

YellowPencil is a visual CSS editor that you can use to customize any WordPress site in minutes.

Key features include –

  • a full visual editing interface that allows you to redesign a page with a few clicks;
  • simple interface that does not require coding;
  • the ability to edit any font and color;
  • the ability to visually edit the size, margin and padding properties of a design element;
  • the ability to undo/redo mistakes.


No WordPress user needs to be told how important plugins are to your website. A good WordPress plugin has the power to increase the success of your business online by adding a range of helpful features and functionalities to your website.

In this article, we have shared our expert selection of 10 great WordPress plugins for your websites in 2023.

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