10 Free WordPress Plugins to Help with Legal Compliance

These days, it is part of doing business on the web to ensure that you comply with local, national and international law. While laws may vary from place to place and the type of website you are running, WordPress plugins help you with these responsibilities.

even though see Legal advice should be replaced by actual legal advice (if you have questions, ask someone whose job it is to get the answers), here is a list of add-ons that will help with compliance issues, broken down by category.

Free WordPress Essential Plugins:

EU Cookie Law WordPress Plugins

Cookie Notification by dFactory

Cookie Notification with dFactory provides an easy way to inform visitors to your site about your use of cookies. You can customize a notification that will be displayed at the top or bottom of the page. Users can accept, reject or read more about your policies through clickable buttons.

Cookie Law Information

Cookie Law Information will create a customizable banner to inform visitors about your cookie policies. The flag can be removed automatically after a few seconds or you can ask the user to accept your terms manually.
Cookie Law Information

WordPress Plugins Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Auto Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, has created Terms of Service and Privacy Policy under a Creative Commons Sharealike license.

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy bring these documents to your site. Simply add your organization information in the plugin settings and display the documents via WordPress Shortcode. This add-on is intended for US-based sites.
Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

WPlegalPages – Privacy Policy & T & Cs Generator

WPLegalPages will generate a variety of compliance documents that are a must have for your Web site. The free version of the plugin includes privacy policy, terms & conditions, DCMA policy, and much more.

The setup is simple – enter your business name and select the documents you want to generate. A cookie consent bar is also included. The pro version raises the ante with a guided wizard, age verification, and popups.
WPlegal Pages

EU VAT WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce complied with EU VAT

Those running WooCommerce can take the pain out of VAT with WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance. It will record the location of the customer, display VAT calculations in the engine and automatically add VAT to product pricing. You can even block EU customers if you prefer not to collect VAT at all.
WooCommerce complied with EU VAT

EDD Quaderno

EDD Quaderno helps stores Easy Digital Downloads by VAT and elsewhere complex. It will also create enhanced versions of the standard EDD receipts. To use the plugin, you will need a Quaderno account.
EDD Quaderno

Age Verification WordPress Plugins

Age Gate

Age Gate is a highly configurable plugin for restricting age – based content. Select the minimum age along with the content you want to protect, and underage users will be locked out.

Choose from a variety of user input methods (dropdown, text field, or yes / no buttons) and customize the UI customization of your website. The plugin is also SEO friendly and will not try to restrict common search bots.
Age Gate

Easy Age Verify

Perform simple age verification with Easy Age Verify. The plugin offers turnkey settings based on different types of website content. It is also built with accessibility and SEO in mind. The pro version is fully customizable, and is able to match the look of your site.
Easy Age Verify

Digital Signature WordPress Plugins

Gravity Forms Signature Plugin

This unofficial Gravity Forms plugin will allow users to digitally sign documents on your Web site. There is also a version for Ninja Forms.
Gravity Forms Signature Plugin

CF7Sign – Signature Field for Contact Form 7

All you have to do is add a signature field to your Contact Form 7 forms and click away. Once CF7Sign is installed and activated, a “Sign” field will be added to your form options. There’s not much space to customize here, but it’s a dead simple solution.

Keeping It Legal

Because of this, keeping track of compliance issues can be a bit of a hassle. But that is no less important. WordPress plugins are there to make the task a little easier – even automating the process in some cases.

So there is no excuse for slacking! Take some time to learn your responsibilities as a website owner and use the handy plugins above to help you manage. Of course, these plugins will not stand alone alone but they will help get you on the right path.

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