10 Free Templates for Creating Sheet Music & Concerts

The hardest part of putting on a show is often getting people involved in a music event or a concert. To make it easier on yourself, you need to have sheets to hang up and pass when the opportunity arises.

If you do not have the necessary design skills or do not have the time, it is a great idea to use a concert flyer template. They come in many different styles with numerous design options. And best of all, you can find lots that are 100% free.

That is the focus of the collection that we have put together for you today. The following is a healthy list of free music event concert flyer templates with attractive designs, interesting features, and lots of vibe, one that is sure to match the theme of your event.

More Free Leaflet Templates:

Want to promote an open mic night or karaoke? This flyer template should serve you well. It’s colorful and graphically pleasing, and you could easily use it as it is just by entering your event details. Make a few tweaks in Photoshop to get it to look the way you want, and you’ll be good to go.

This concert sheet template is pretty simple, but it speaks! The simple background will pop whatever image you place on top of it. The event name can have a great serial effect, and you can add the date, time and any other information you want to include in the set type. Edit this template in Photoshop, print it out, and you’ll be good to go.

Hyper Concert Flyer Template for photoshop PSD

The Time Lapse flyer template is beautifully simple. This PSD template is A4 size and fully printable at 300 dpi in CMYK. The layers are well organized, so you can easily add your information. They are also color coded, which adds to the convenience factor.

Photა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Twitterა Twitter DJ Photoshop Event Flyer Template PSD

Promote your next open mic night with this open mic flyer template. It’s easy to edit in Photoshop, of course. Add details of your event and make full use of the free fonts included. Change the color scheme, text and graphics to suit your objectives, print and bring out.

Photoshop Photoshop Mic Open Night Flyer Template PSD

This Classical Jazz Night Musician template has a vintage feel with large block text and sepia or grayscale color scheme. Add information about the event, including dates, times, locations, price, and sponsorships. You can edit this template in Photoshop or Illustrator and easily print it at 300dpi.

Photoshop Classical Jazz Night Flyer Template PSD AI

Another great option is this Geometric Festival Flyer template. You can change the colors and text, and this PSD file is easy to edit and would be a great choice for an electronic concert.

Photoshop Geometric Festival Flyer Template PSD

The Indie Rock Flyer template is intended for indie rock concerts, of course, but could be reused for any musical event. The Template is fully editable in Photoshop and can be printed to A4 size at 300 dpi. It also comes with free fonts, so you’ll be ready.

Photoshop Indie Rock Flyer Template PSD

The Winter Season Club Flyer template looks like a winter wonderland. Easily add your custom event details. My favorite part of this template is how the event name can display an image in the letters themselves. It’s a fun detail that can capture the imagination.

Photoshop Winter Season Club Flyer Template PSD

The Reckless Flyer template has an attractive color palette and is easy to edit in Photoshop. Free fonts are also included, and you can even use the provided background image if you want to get up and running very quickly.

Reckless Photoshop PSD Leaflet Poster

This flyer template is great for summer concerts or other outdoor music events. With palm trees and summer colors, it will be bound to convey the right tone to introduce attendees. Edit this template in Illustrator and print it out at 300 pso straight from the comfort of your own home, if you wish.

AI Illustrator EPS Summer Open Concert Announcement Template

The Punk Music Flyer template gives a strong vibe, and if you want to promote a punk show, this template is the obvious choice. It has a bold color scheme, fun fonts, and the opportunity to include photos or custom graphics. This vector file can be edited in Illustrator.

Punk Music Flyer Template AI Illustrator EPS

Easily promote a music event with this worksheet template. It’s simple and straightforward in design, and sometimes that’s better. Swap out the illustrations provided with your own and edit the rest as you wish. This Photoshop file includes well-organized layers for easier modification.

PSD Illustrated Flyer Photoshop Poster Mockup Template

Another great option is this Blues Music Flyer template. It has a vintage look that will appeal to potential attendees and is easy to edit in Photoshop or Illustrator. It is fully editable thanks to organized layers, and is printable at A4 size with blood at 300 dpi in CMYK.

Osh Saorა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. Photა Twitter Blues Music Flyer Template Photoshop PSD AI

Keep things light and ventilated with this Sunday Beach Party Flyer template. With a pastel color scheme, fun graphics, and plenty of space to write out details of your event, this is perfect for a summer beach party, weekend event or other outdoor music gathering. Download this PSD file, use the free fonts provided, make custom changes, and print it out at 4x6inches at 300dpi.

Trა íoslódáilო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. .ა Twitter Sunday Beach Photoshop Party Flyer Template PSD

This DJ Club Event Advertisement template is perfect for a DJ event, of course. This free PSD download has a bold design with stylish graphics. It is sized at 4 × 6 at 300dpi in CMYK, so it’s ready to print once you have finished your customization. Images in the picture are not included in the model, so you will need to provide your own.

J Saorა Féachო .ა. .ო.. .ი .ი .ა. .ა Twitter Photoshop Dj Club Event Flyer Template PSD

This Sound Club Flyer template has vibrant colors and stylish design that is perfect for promoting a club, gig DJ, or music event. This sheet is printable at 4.25 × 6.25 plus .25 blood.

Photoshop PSD Club Audio Flyer Template

The last template on our list is the Neon Club Flyer template, which is perfect for an electronic club, DJ set, or rave. It uses free fonts, and you can easily exchange images with your custom preferences. This file can be edited in Photoshop and is fully printable.

Neon Club Flyer Template for photoshop PSD

That’s it! This list of templates for music events and concert advertisements is sure to give you plenty of options to create a great advertisement that will grab the attention and imagination of potential concert users. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a dime.

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