10 Free Syntax Highlighting WordPress Plugins

One of the great things about the web design community is its willingness to share solutions and ideas. So many people choose to post helpful tutorials and code clips on their blogs.

When displaying code, it’s a good idea to make clips as clean and easy to read as possible. You will also want to make sure that it is easy for users to copy and paste for their own use.

Aside from posting clips on the front, there are also some good reasons to emphasize syntax within WordPress itself. For one, a standard WordPress code editor can be very difficult when trying to find specific code – especially on longer pages and posts.

Here’s a collection of free WordPress plugins to help you display and edit code, beautifully.

Designed for use with both block editors and Classic, Block Code Highlight displays syntax-highlighted code. Some common languages ​​are supported, and the included settings screen allows you to customize the display.

Using the Prism syntax highlighting, the Code Syntax Block enhances the existing Code block. This makes it easy to display formatted code excerpts on the front without any extra work.

Additionally, the plugin includes a selection of visual themes. Additional options are available through the Prism theme repository.

Free WordPress Plugin Block Syntax Code

A Code Block was built with an emphasis on proportion in anticipation of performance. Install the plugin and it will automatically highlight syntax with the WordPress Code block – including existing blocks.

Because it performs server side codes, JavaScript does not need to be recessed on the front of your site. And, CSS is only added to pages that have a Code block. It is also compatible with Google AMP.

Syntax-highlighting Code Block (with Rendering on the Server) Free WordPress Plugin

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is a simple plugin that allows you to add well-formatted code to your WordPress website. It includes a custom block for Gutenberg users but still plays well with the Classic editor as well. Aside from that, the block is also used on WordPress.com.

SyntaxHighlighter Developed Free WordPress Plugin

Fans of the old Crayon Syntax Highlighter will want to check out this “reincarnation”.

The included custom block makes it easy to add highlighted clips but works elsewhere with any code inserted between them <pre></pre> tags. An integrated theme editor allows a lot of customization.

With support for 36 themes, there is a good chance that My Syntax Highlighter will fit beautifully into your WordPress website.

The plugin uses the CodeMirror library and includes 16 different Shortcodes that you can easily use to display code.

My Free Syntax Highlighting WordPress Plugin

Enlighter will allow full integration of WordPress visual editors on engine and on your site. This means that the well-known TinyMCE editor you see inside WordPress can also be displayed on your public site.

You will also be able to display tabs to group several clips together.

Enlighter - Free WordPress Plugin Adaptive Syntax

Prismatic gives you three options to display code: Prism.js, Highlight.js and Plain.

The first two use respective libraries, while the third displays code with no syntax highlighting (allowing you to customize its appearance). The plugin focuses on being lightweight and only loads CSS / JS when needed.

Free prismatic wordpress plugin,

Code Prettify uses the Google Prettify Code library to automatically highlight any code within the <pre> or <code> tags.

Now, to enhance the WordPress Post / Page Editor, we have HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter. The highlighted code in the engine makes life much easier for developers.

Not only does this plugin highlight code, it will return your cursor site after page reload (which eliminates common pet peeve).

Free WordPress Plugin Syntax Highlighter HTML Editor

Highlight Your Site

Syntax highlighting is an easy way to enhance the user experience, whether you’re sharing items with the world or editing your own code in the engine.

Take some time to try one or more of the above plugins and see which one works best for you.

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