10 Coolest Title Templates for Adobe After Effects

In video production, the start is often the most important, which means you need a winning title template to kick things off. And with Adobe After Effects templates, you’ll find that adding them is a breeze.

To give you a head start, and on the heels of our previous article, we’ve rounded up ten more of the best title templates for After Effects. Each template features stylish typography, but also comes with a great variety of layouts. You’ll find front titles, lower thirds, overlays and more.

With title templates like this, all you have to do is add custom text. It’s a quick way to craft compelling clips that your audience will love and remember. On with us!

Modern, lower-thirds titles like these are versatile, and work perfectly for video presentations on almost any subject. The kinetic designs are modern, without being too flashy.

Spend time building text overlays, then add them to your projects with this template. It is perfect to use as an opener or subtitle. With a minimalist design, they are artistic but will match different types of material.

When managing a brand, it’s important to maintain a consistent look and feel across your digital media. These titles help you do just that, with stunning and elegant modern designs. They are easy to customize to meet your company’s customized needs.

With a handy video tutorial, it’s easy to get started. And when you start editing, you’ll enjoy easy-to-edit colors. In addition, the title durations can be changed with a few clicks.

Brand Title Template for After Effects

With titles like these, your video will never lack style. Green and yellow colors were used to make flashing text overlays. All you have to do is drop in your own words to compose custom titles.

The animated designs can be easily adapted to many video topics and themes. Be creative and imagine how these template titles can work for you. The possibilities are endless, and the creative work is easy.

Dynamic Funny Title After Effects

Abstract title designs are a great choice because of their versatility. When you choose a pack like this, you’ll find that it works well for projects of all kinds of content. Whatever it is, your video will benefit from the sleek art styles found here.

The Waves Abstract Titles pack features 3D designs, with a fluid, colorful layout. They are easy to adapt to your specific needs. Be sure to use them if you want to make a great impact in a fun way.

Waves Abstract Title Template for After Effects

Colorful titles start your videos in an attractive way. This template has many unique designs, each with its own custom style. And with 4K resolution, the title overlay looks flawless on every display you can use.

Try these titles with photos and videos to bring your content to life. An exit animation was also included to ensure seamless transitions. If you need help getting started, a video tutorial is included in the download package.

Colorful Text Title Templates After Effects

In design, sometimes less is more. The same is true for video production, and that’s a philosophy that will be reflected in this title template pack. These dynamic effects include ten title options.

Inside, you’ll find layouts for different screen sizes, and, of course, HD and 4K designs are included. In addition, you’ll enjoy customized resolutions for your Instagram stories and social media posts.

Minimal Animated Titles for After Effects

Need titles for your next real estate video? This package is purpose built for buyers and sellers. A sleek, grayscale design has been used to help your video content stand out.

When you edit these titles, you’ll notice that most include drawings of houses. This means you can extend the use of the package if you are a builder, designer or contractor. Each is stylishly drawn and subtle enough to avoid interfering with your message.

Real Estate Titles for After Effects

These cinematic title designs are the ideal introduction if you’re looking for a “wow factor”. They are sci-fi inspired, with a design in mind for video openers. Particles are combined to form your titles.

Try these for corporate or movie intros today. The colorful layouts are easy to customize and will fully suit your project needs.

Inspire Titles for After Effects

Another colorful option, this title pack offers a variety of designs for everyone. The overlays are warm and summery, adding a breath of fresh air to every video. You won’t need a special plugin for the titles to work.

With full color control, you can adapt the pre-made designs to your own needs. It’s a great way to save time, even while retaining creative power. Consider this template pack whenever you need attractive and attractive titles for a video project in After Effects.

Colorful title 2 for After Effects

Film text such as these launch videos is overlaid with a powerful opener. They are elegant enough to be used in professional videos. But they can be easily adapted to create pleasant intros for light videos and quick productions.

The shimmering color palette pairs well with both video and photos. All you have to do is drop in your content. You won’t need any plugins, and a helpful instructions file is included if you want to prioritize the editing process.

Kinematic Particle Titles for Effects

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