10 Awesome Templates to Create a Slideshow & Gallery in After Effects

Not every project includes the budget to capture video. Sometimes, you need to take your photos and create a video as the final product!

The best way to do that is to use slide templates for After Effects. Instead of learning animations and transitions, these templates do the hard work for you. Add your images, and you’ll create an After Effects slideshow in minutes, not hours.

When you start with After Effects slideshow templates, you can create a video using images. Here are ten of the best templates for creating an After Effects slideshow.

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Nostalgia is a powerful force. Why not take advantage of it by using a retro slide template? With a photography-inspired film design, your After Effects slideshow will be a blast from the past. Make your images come alive with nostalgic, light effect style effects.

Plus, a little film hate will definitely help your audience reminisce about the days gone by. This template is the perfect choice for a slideshow that shows emotion and respect for the past.

My favorite After Effects slideshow templates are easy to update. This one is no exception, thanks to the drag-and-drop structure. Adobe After Effects has a learning curve, but the best templates help you overcome it smoothly.

You’ll have more animations and transitions than you need when you use a fully featured template like this one. The aptly named Slideshow template helps you avoid learning After Effects entirely by giving you a pre-built blueprint.

Why not teleport the viewer to the future? This design is perfect for a modern slideshow. Attractive and vibrant animation sets the stage. Thanks to the built-in controls, it is easy to modify the length of each scene.

This gives you complete control over how you present your images in a slideshow format. Create excitement about the future when you download this After Effects slideshow template.

The best After Effects templates bring new life to your images, and this template does just that. The magic of slideshow templates is that they take still images and give them a sense of movement through animations and transitions.

The Photo Gallery Slideshow template works with standard images and gives a fully animated finished product. In addition, use the full-color control options to adjust an image without any additional apps required.

The world of sport is fast paced and action oriented. This After Effects slideshow template is perfect for the occasion, thanks to its great style. Quick cuts between photo scenes keep the momentum going. This slideshow template works with your images or footage.

You could use this professional animated design as an introduction to a broadcast show or highlights. No matter how you use it, this Adobe After Effects slideshow is easy to customize.

Maybe you want to create a slideshow that will spice up your images. With a template like Paint Gallery, your photos will look and feel brand new. Use this slideshow from Envato Elements to create a whole new visual product.

It’s easier to feel hand-painted than you think when you start with an After Effects slideshow template. Thanks to custom image masks, you can transform your images from simple rectangles to custom cutouts with a few clicks.

How do you remember your favorite trips? A slideshow is a great way to do that. But don’t worry, this won’t be boring like the old days when you had to lug the family projector around. Use this After Effects slideshow to capture and sequence your favorite images.

Tell the story of the best trip with this After Effects slideshow template. A gallery like this helps you create one video that lets you share the spirit of your travels.

Clean styles give your images focus. That means there’s no chance of overly complicated animations or effects distracting your audience. This template fits the bill perfectly.

Like the rest of the templates in our round up, it is fully customizable. That means you can spend more time choosing your favorite images and less time working in Adobe After Effects.

You will find the particle effect in many sci-fi and futuristic illustrations. You can also bring the effect to your next slideshow by using this highly flexible slideshow template.

Particle waves act as a creative way to separate one image from another. The full color controls make it easy to match the color palette effect of your images. Templates like this show the power of using another animator’s design as a perfect starting point.

After Effects slideshow templates give you options, including settings for full-color controls, animations, and more, and this template is no exception. It gives you an unlimited number of slideshow combinations.

Customizing this template to include your images is a breeze. With so many transition and animation effects, it’s easy to forget that you only need photos (no footage!) to create a video.

Design an After Effects Slideshow today

Now that you’ve seen an example of the best templates for After Effects, hopefully you’ll never have to design from scratch again!

With the help of the best After Effects templates, you not only save time, but improve your finished video. Use the templates you’ve seen to create your next slideshow or gallery.

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